“You’re Making a Fortune Off Me, Kick Me Some of That Cash”: Michael from GTA V Gets Into a Spirited Banter With Kai Cenat

“You’re Making a Fortune Off Me, Kick Me Some of That Cash”: Michael from GTA V Gets Into a Spirited Banter With Kai Cenat

In a recent livestream, Twitch superstar, Kai Cenat, had to take a backseat. Ned Luke, who played Michael in GTA V joined Cenat for some hilarious banter during the stream, talking numbers. Michael making a deal takes you back and no better day to witness this epic following the celebrations of the GTA 6 trailer launch. So, could the GTA V actor ‘seal the deal?’

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Rockstar Games surprised the world with an early launch due to another unfortunate leak. Ever since, the gaming world has been looking forward to the reactions of their favorite streamers. Unarguably, Kai Cenat being a huge GTA fan also weighed in on the new Grand Theft Auto teaser. However, more than the reaction, it was the conversation with the GTA V lead that took the limelight away. No worries if you missed it. Here’s how Michael made Kai Cenat go What the F**k!”

The GTA V lead demands a fair share from the Kai Cenat livestream “fortune”


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Ned Luke, the actor who gave life to the lead character of Michael in GTA V really just went ‘his way’ during a conversation with Kai Cenat. GTA fans are no strangers to Michael robbing a bank, he’s called the ‘Heist Master’ for a reason. But this time the actor eyed the fortune of Kai Cenat. 

You’re making a fortune off me right now. You’re gonna kick me some of that cash bro. okay? You DM me and I’ll give you my Venmo and you’re gonna kick me some of that. Your views are gonna go up,” the actor stated, initiating the deal and can be seen bursting into laughter later on. On the contrary, Kai Cenat seemed surprised as he kept on saying, I got you okay! I got you, I’ll give you some money.” 


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Unsurprisingly, the fans couldn’t get over the hilarious banter as they rooted for ‘Michael getting his way.’ In fact, a lot of the netizens advised the streamer to lock the deal and do the needful. Certainly, it was super entertaining to catch Ned Luke dealing with Kai Cenat in the classic character style. 

Twitch superstar reacts to the highly-awaited trailer

Social media posts went viral on December 5, 2023, claiming that Kai Cenat had been “severely injured” while filming a video for the production company Any Means Possible, or AMP. However, all that the creator could think of during the treatment was the countdown to the GTA 6 trailer. As soon as the streamer heard the trailer had gone live, he checked out the GTA 6 first official sneak peek. 


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“I’m gonna remind you all a little quick. Do not blame me. I’m watching this video 10 times straight for the 10 years I had to wait. So for the next ten minutes, we’re gonna be watching this sh*t breaking it down,” the streamer stated before starting with the reaction. Of course, the trailer didn’t disappoint. As he progressed watching the trailer, the satisfaction on his face seemed evident. Moreover, the creator specifically hailed praises for the graphics in the game. 


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But just like everyone in the community, the Twitch phenomenon jumped with disappointment when he came to know GTA 6 would be released in 2025. One of the millions of hearts that have been broken! 


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