Which ‘The Ultimatum’ Season 2 Couples Are Still Together?

Which ‘The Ultimatum’ Season 2 Couples Are Still Together?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Ultimatum Season 2.

LAST WEEK, NETFLIX’S The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On returned with a new season, featuring five couples who were hoping to use the series to see if they could sort out their relationship issues—or if they clicked better with another contestant. For those who haven’t heard of the show, one person gives their significant other an “ultimatum,” typically to get married or engaged. They eventually split up and choose someone else to enter a weeks-long “trial marriage” with. Given that most are now living with another person they’ve only had a few conversations with, let alone allowing them to meet your parents, the concept ensures a wild ride.

Then, the contestants return to their original partner, with some emotionally reeling from the consequences of their BF/GF getting close to someone new. This portion of the show leads to some tough conversations, as they know they’re coming down to the wire to make a decision on whether to marry or move on.

With the finale and the reunion out now, viewers get to find out if any of the original couples will accept a proposal—and if they stayed together after the season. Thankfully, there have been some clues about each couple’s status along the way that you can find, below.

Lisa Horne and Bryan Okoyein

Who gave the ultimatum: Lisa

Lisa’s swing partner: N/A

Bryan’s swing partner: N/A

Lisa and Bryan were an interesting case as a couple during this season of The Ultimatum. The two were clearly struggling, enough to have a chaotic fight in the parking lot after Lisa didn’t like Bryan talking to another girl (the point of the show). Viewers were even more shocked when she revealed that her pregnancy test came back positive. This culminated in a heart-to-heart conversation with Bryan, and the two decided to leave together—without recoupling with any new contestants. It’s also more hopeful that they’re still dating, as they both still follow each other on social media.

Ryann McCracken and James Morris

Who gave the ultimatum: Ryann

Ryann’s swing partner: Trey

James’s swing partner: Riah

Ryann and James from The Ultimatum entered the show as high school sweethearts who seemed to be struggling with being at different stages in life. (She had given him the ultimatum; he wanted more time before getting married.) When Ryann couples up with Trey instead, the two appear to have much better chemistry—and even live near each other. The comparison becomes even clearer when Ryann returns to James, and the two have an explosive fight that runs into the morning hours.

Despite this, Ryann and James rely on their years-long history in the finale when he proposes and she accepts. According to Women’s Health, they most likely are still together, given recent Venmo transactions between them and the heartfelt tribute posts up on social media.

Riah Nelson and Trey Brunson

Who gave the ultimatum: Trey

Riah’s swing partner: James

Trey’s swing partner: Ryann

Trey originally gave Riah the ultimatum, as she was struggling to fully commit and wondering what else was out there. While they’ve been together for two years, she has thoughts of moving to the city. At the beginning, Riah getting close to Bryan during the open conversations between contestants led to his explosive fight with Lisa. She eventually recoupled with James, but the two didn’t seem to be as strong as Trey was in his connection with Ryann.

Riah struggled with Trey having feelings for Ryann, but the two still rekindled things, and she went on to accept his proposal in the finale.

While the future seemed uncertain for this couple during their time on the show, we now know exactly what’s next for Trey and Riah: parenthood! That’s right, they’re expecting their first child together, and we officially have our first Ultimatum baby.

Riah recently made the announcement on Instagram that she is five months pregnant, writing: “Next Chapter: Motherhood 👶🏾🍼. These past 5 months have been so sweet and special. From hearing your heartbeat to little flutters and kicks. We cannot wait to meet you.”

Kat Shelton and Alex Chapman

Who gave the ultimatum: Kat

Alex’s swing partner: Roxanne

Kat’s swing partner: Antonio

Kat and Alex originally met on a dating app, and she gave him the ultimatum for apparently being too busy to propose. The two have very different personalities, with Kat being the quieter one of the two, and Alex being, well, as we’ve seen in his fight with Roxanne, admittedly full of himself. Continuing the streak of engagements, Alex does propose, and she accepts.

Beyond that, the current status of their relationship after the season finished filming is unknown. They do still follow each other on Instagram, but haven’t posted together since the two entered The Ultimatum during the fall of 2022.

Roxanne Kaiser and Antonio Mattei

Who gave the ultimatum: Antonio

Roxanne’s swing partner: Alex

Antonio’s swing partner: Kat

Before entering The Ultimatum, Antonio was struggling to get the fiercely independent Roxanne to commit to marriage, let alone say “I love you.” Throughout the course of the season, he recoupled with Kat and Roxanne recoupled with Kat’s original boyfriend, Alex. The trial marriages with new people didn’t go smoothly at all. Roxanne and Alex got into a tense fight after Alex seemingly lied to Antonio about how Roxanne feels about him.

However, this tension pushed Roxanne and Antonio back together, making them stronger after the separation. And, in a shocking move, she accepts his proposal in the finale. While it’s still unclear if these two lasted beyond this point, and might not be until the reunion, it wrapped up the last of the happy endings for season two of The Ultimatum.

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