‘Where Is the Cake’

‘Where Is the Cake’

Serena Williams‘ husband, Alexis Ohanian, is an entrepreneur who is skilled at managing a variety of enterprises and people. But despite excelling in the workplace, he believes that one person is the hardest to work with, and it’s none other than his five-year-old daughter, Olympia Ohanian.

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Since she was a little toddler, the five-year-old has worked alongside her father to finish numerous kitchen houses. But now that she is prepared to assume a new position as a big sister, she has fully seized control of the kitchen and is bossing the Reddit co-founder around. And recently, the devoted father revealed that it’s not always simple to work with his daughter.

Serena Williams’ daughter is a tough boss!


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The 40-year-old American entrepreneur’s Sunday is all about spending some amazing time in the kitchen with his 5-year-old daughter. But recently, Ohanian assisted his daughter in the kitchen. The Reddit co-founder drew a clear conclusion from his baking session with his daughter. He took to his Twitter account to share a little insight into what baking sessions looked like. Along with that, he wrote, “Working the kitchen with Jr. is no joke.” 

In addition, in a video, the American tennis legend’s husband, who runs businesses on his own, was seen asking for help from his daughter. He was seen saying, “Chef, I need a hand, chef…” but her daughter smartly refused him with a smile. But that was not it, following that in the next video, while the muffins were getting baked in the oven, the overjoyed 5-year-old wanted to know the current status of those delights.


Subsequently, in the second video, Olympia was seen shouting over to his dad, asking, “Papa Chef, where is the cake?” and the Reddit co-founder, who was totally under his assistant mode gave a simple response but with a hilarious touch. He replied, “In the oven chef, in the oven, probably 10 more minutes chef.” 

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Nevertheless, for the Reddit co-founder, this may be the first time he has discovered how working with a 5-year-old is not that easy. But for his wife, the 41-year-old American tennis legend, knew this way back when she had just started baking with her daughter. Moreover, last year, she disclosed the harsh reality of baking with her daughter.


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When Williams revealed the harsh baking reality 

Last year, when the former American tennis legend appeared on the Drew Barrymore Show, she talked about her personal life, including her daughter. When the host asked her whether she enjoys baking with her daughter, Williams had an unapologetic no for the answer.

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In addition to clearing her stand, she revealed how her daughter loves baking too, but at the same time, she messes the whole kitchen around. Further, she also talked about how she’s disciplining her 5-year-old to clean up the mess after all the baking.


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Well, after hearing the 41-year-old tennis legend and his husband’s opinion on their daughter’s baking antics. Share your take regarding the 5-year-old’s cooking habits, in the comment section below.

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