When Bobby Deol courted wife Tanya by cold calling her ‘at an absurd hour

Actor Bobby Deol’s wife, Tanya, once spoke about how he asked her out. Bobby turned 51 on Wednesday and has been married to Tanya since 1996.

In a 2009 interview, Tanya told the story of how Bobby hit on her before she had even had a chance to watch his debut film, Barsaat. She was speaking to designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.

Asked about how an ‘uppity South Bombay girl met this Casanova film star’, she said, “I went to play cards during the Diwali season at Chunky’s (Panday) house, and Bobby came and he sat with me and we played cards at the same table. He kept losing to me, but he wouldn’t pay me, he kept saying he’d take me out for a meal. I was like ‘what’s wrong with this guy?'”

She continued, “And then, a while later, he called me up. It was at some absurd hour at night. And I was fast asleep. So I pick up the phone and I say to him, ‘I’ll call you tomorrow’. He says, ‘you don’t know who I am?'”

Tanya said that the next day, she asked all her friends if they’d called her at night, but none of them had. She had no idea who’d called her, and Bobby was left thinking that she was a really ‘snooty girl’, for ignoring his call.

But Bobby tried calling her again a week later (‘at a normal hour’) and they ended up having a seven-hour conversation. She said that they spoke every night that week.

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After several years out of action, Bobby bounced back with high-profile projects such as Race 3 and Housefull 4. He was seen in the cop drama Class of 83 and the web series Aashram last year.

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