WhatsApp update 23.24.73 finally lets iOS users send images and videos in original quality

WhatsApp update 23.24.73 finally lets iOS users send images and videos in original quality

Published Dec 4th, 2023 9:31PM EST

WhatsApp HD photos

Image: José Adorno for BGR

A new update for WhatsApp will finally let iOS users send photos and videos as documents to preserve their original quality. The feature is currently available to limited users, and WABetaInfo says it will continue to roll out to more users as part of WhatsApp version 23.24.73.

If you’re already running that version and don’t see the update, though, it’s because 23.24.73 is only marked as a compatible update, which means the feature isn’t technically part of that update, but it is enabled for some using it.

WABetaInfo first noted that this particular feature would be coming to WhatsApp on iOS back in November. With it, users running WhatsApp on iOS will finally be able to send their videos and photos as documents, allowing them to preserve the file’s original quality. It’ll also allow them to send the documents without needing to jump through multiple hoops.

WhatsApp secret codes will hide your locked chats
WhatsApp continues to add new features to the Meta-run instant messaging app, including an option to hide your locked messages behind a secret code Image source: WhatsApp

Other features included in WhatsApp’s iOS update for version 23.24.73 include an option to start voice chats without ringing everyone in a large group, as well as new bubbles in chat that will help you see missed calls, completed calls, and those that are still ongoing. You’ll also soon be able to react to status updates using your avatar.

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WhatsApp also recently added the option to hide your locked chats behind a passcode, which you can now take advantage of if you want to add even more privacy to your WhatsApp account.

As I noted above, it is possible that some users running the WhatsApp iOS update to version 23.24.73 will not have the option to send videos and photos in their original quality just yet. If you don’t see that option, you are probably still waiting on WhatsApp to roll the feature out, as the company shared in the official changelog that it would be doing so over the course of the next few weeks.

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