What is Xbox Game Pass and how much does it cost in India?

The Xbox Series X and Series S are now on sale in India, and both consoles have been super hard to find in stores. While exclusive games decide the fate of a game console, but in the case of Xbox Series X/S,  Microsoft has a secret weapon in the form of Game Pass that will play an important role in shaping the future of Xbox. But what exactly is Xbox Game Pass, and why it makes sense to join Microsoft’s monthly video game subscription service.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Microsoft wants to make GamePass the Netflix for video games, and the service is already on track to become super popular with 15 million subscribers globally. Game Pass is essentially is a subscription service that gives users access to a number of games to download and play as far as they pay for the service. The Game Pass is similar to Sony’s PlayStation Now, but unlike PS Now, users are not allowed to stream the games – instead you have the option to download and install any game that you want to play. You are required to pay a monthly fee, and for that amount, the full game will be downloaded directly to your console’s hard drive. The catch is that you can play that game offline for up to 30 days. The service offers over 250 plus games, with new titles being added each month.

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Is Xbox Game Pass limited to Xbox Series X/S?

No, Xbox Game Pass is also available on the Xbox One X, Xbox One S and PC.

 Xbox Game Pass has over 15 million subscribers globally. (Image credit: Xbox)

How much does Xbox Game Pass cost?

There are three tiers of Xbox Game Pass available: Console, PC and Ultimate. Game Pass for PC, which costs Rs 489 a month, gives you access to over 200 plus PC games on a monthly basis including many first-party exclusives. Plus, members get discounts on all Game Pass games. Right now, you can join Xbox Game Pass for PC with your first month costing only Rs 50.

The other two tiers of Xbox Game Pass work on your Xbox console or PC. The regular Xbox Game Pass, which costs Rs 489 a month, will give you access to a library of over 250 plus including all first-party titles when they launch. You can download a game and play as long as you are ready to pay for the service. Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games are part of the games available on Xbox Game Pass. The third tier, the Ultimate, probably the one to consider, is priced at Rs 699 a month. The Ultimate not only gives you access to a bunch of AAA titles and Indie games but it also lets you play select games on the PC too. Not to forget EA Play is included in the subscription that gives users access to over 60 popular EA games, including FIFA and Mass Effect. In addition to discounts and free games, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes an Xbox Live Gold subscription. The benefits of an Xbox Live Gold subscription include the ability to multiplayer games online, weekly discounts on select Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, add-ons, and exclusive deals.

xbox game pass, what is xbox game pass, how do I subscribe to game pass in india, xbox game pass price in India, trial xbox game pass Xbox Game Pass is a combination of Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. (Image credit: Xbox)

How many games are available as part of Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass library is growing, and there are hundreds of titles available including Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox backward compatible games. Some of the most popular games that are part of the Xbox Game Pass lineup as follows: Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5 Ultimate, Doom Eternal, Age of Empires II Definitive EditionOri and the Will of the WispsDead CellsThe Outer Worlds, Destiny 2Halo: The Master Chief CollectionTekken 7, Resident Evil 7, Minecraft Dungeons, Dishonored 2 and many more.

xbox game pass, what is xbox game pass, how do I subscribe to game pass in india, xbox game pass price in India, trial xbox game pass Xbox Game Pass offers a wide selection of games to download and play from an extensive online library. (Image credit: Xbox)

How do I subscribe to Xbox Game Pass?

It is easy to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass. You can sign up on the console itself or PC. Once you join in, you can manage your subscriptions from the console, too. In case to want to cancel the subscription, it takes a mere 5 minutes to disable auto-renew for Xbox Game Pass before you cancel the service.

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