Week in Tech (Nov 16-22, 2020): Apple lowers App Store fees, Oppo reveals rollable phone and more

It was a relatively busy week in the tech world, especially for Apple and Sony. Apple hogged the limelight by cutting its App Store commission fee for small developers, a move that will improve the company’s public image as the tech giant faces antitrust battles. This week, Sony’s highly anticipated PlayStation 5 went on sale in several countries including the UK. However, Sony is yet to announce the release date for the next-generation console for the Indian market. But it’s not just Sony that is facing PS5 supply issues, Microsoft has warned that Xbox Series X and S shortages could last until April as supply catches up with demand. Find out more on each of these stories with our latest news roundup.

Apple cuts App Store fees in half for small developers

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it would give small developers a big discount, by cutting down fees from 30 per cent to 15 per cent for those developers that make less than $1 million a year. Apple collects a 30 per cent commission fee from developers who want their apps to be on the App Store. Apple’s App Store fees and rules have come under fire from both large big companies such as Epic, Spotify and Epic as well as smaller developers. Apple said the new programme will start on 1st January.

Sony PS5 now available worldwide except for India

After months of waiting, Sony’s PlayStation 5 went on sale in major markets except for the Indian market. The reason: it’s not clear as to why Sony is delaying the release of the PS5 in India. The console has been in high demand in markets like the US and that could possibly the reason why Sony isn’t ready to launch the PS5 in India. However, unlike Sony, Microsoft has been able to launch the Xbox Series X/S despite limited units allotted for India. The PS5 starts at Rs 39,990 for the Digital Edition.

Oppo shows off rollable phone concept

In a surprise announcement, Oppo earlier this week the rollable phone concept called the Oppo X 2021. Rather than a foldable display, Oppo radically different rollable phone uses a “continuously variable OLED display” that changes size to become a tablet. It’s still not ready to go on sale– that is why Oppo hasn’t revealed the specs, price, or release date. It is more of a technology demonstration rather than a phone that is ready to go on sale.

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