Web Roulette is a new mobile browser that makes the internet even more addicting

Web Roulette is a new mobile browser that makes the internet even more addicting

When it comes to internet addiction, most of us don’t need any further assistance. That did not stop developer Impending from launching a mobile web browser that has more in common with TikTok than it does with Chrome or Safari. Best of all, Web Roulette! is free to download on the App Store and doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

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The concept of the Web Roulette app is simple and ingenious: Swipe through your favorite sites or shake your phone to visit a surprise website.

When you install the browser, Web Roulette offers a dozen preset sites for you to swipe through. They include some popular blogs, Imgur, Metacritic, and a few webcomics.

You can easily remove any of the sites by tapping the minus button next to them and add new ones by hitting the “Add a site” button at the top of the menu. You can add any site you want, so feel free to fill the list with all of your favorite bookmarks from your standard browser. If you scroll down, there are dozens of suggestions broken up into categories, such as shopping, inspiration, sports, fashion, business, gaming, tech, and lifestyle.

Once you leave the menu, the app behaves similarly to a dating app: Swipe to the left to load a new site from your list. You can also swipe right to go back. But my favorite feature is the shake, which causes the browser to spin like a roulette wheel and pick a website at random that might not be on your list. This was one of my first (and most successful) spins:

I'm the assistant of this pug thanks to Web Roulette.
I’m the assistant of this pug, thanks to Web Roulette. Image source: Web Roulette

I have no idea what I stumbled upon here, but I love this pug and am happy to be its assistant.

If you spend all day on the internet anyway, Web Roulette is a fun new way to spice up browsing on your phone. It’s also way more fun to swipe from site to site instead of opening a bookmark menu or typing out a whole URL in the address bar.

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