Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger Review: Our Honest Opinion After a Year of Testing

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger Review: Our Honest Opinion After a Year of Testing

EVERY ONCE in a while in the world of athleisure, a particular item will start to make noise and soon make its way onto everyone’s fitness wardrobe. But there is one item that ever since it was first introduced 6 years ago in 2017, has never left the scene of activewear: Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger.

The style and fitness Editors at Men’s Health are no strangers to Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger: We’ve been wearing the pants to our workout sessions at the gym, morning jogs in the park, daily errand running, or just as part of our everyday casual outfits since 2020. As a result, not only did we find it to be one of the best workout clothes out there, but we also think it’s arguably the hands-down best jogger in the market right now.

Sunday Performance Jogger

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

  • Athletic fit that works for muscular thighs
  • Moisture wicking and quick-drying
  • Soft fabric with four-way stretch
  • Versatile for workouts and everyday wear
  • Functional pocket system
  • Short inseam
  • Not great for too-cold weather
Material 88% Recycled Polyester, 12% Elastane
Fit Relaxed fit with a tapered leg
Inseam 28″
Pockets 2 front side zip, 2 back, 1 front leg zip

Don’t believe us? Hopefully, our in-depth firsthand review of the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger will convince you. Packed with athletic performance in a versatile athleisure style, Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger truly delivers.

The Fit Is Flattering, Even on Big Guys

vuori sunday performance jogger

Maverick Li

vuori sunday performance jogger

Maverick Li

If you’re ever concerned about whether your legs will look great in a pair of sweatpants, Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger takes care of your worries with its athletic fit: relaxed and roomy through the thigh and seat areas but tapered from the knees down. As someone with somewhat beefy quads, my Sunday Performance Jogger in size M does justice to my thighs by letting them breathe without looking baggy. The tapered leg also keeps the bottom half looking tailored, though our testers found that if you’ve got thick calves, the jogger’s fabric will feel a bit tight down there.

Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger also stays true to the jogger style with a short inseam and ankle cuffs, though some of our taller editors felt it a bit too short and showed too much ankle as a result. Another good thing is that the Sunday Performance Jogger’s waist is 100% true to size: We doubt you’ll use the drawstring often since the elastic waistband will already sit perfectly well around your waist—not too tight or loose.


The Fabric Is Built for Training

At its core, the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger is a pair of workout pants. After multiple testing sessions, I came to the conclusion that the jogger is as advertised: breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. My legs remained fresh and cool as the fabric proactively absorbed the sweat, and each time I took the jogger off, the skin of my legs felt as dry as it was pre-workout. Because the polyester fabric is also knitted to feel buttery soft against the skin, the breathability is also amplified to help dry the cloth faster and ensure it doesn’t clingy on the skin.

There’s also the four-way stretch that helps my legs move without constraint, even when I’m squatting or simply warming up my legs. The stretch has also helped the jogger retain its shape and ward off any tear and rip, as one of our editors who owned this jogger for two years pointed out.

However, a few of our testers recommended against running in this jogger: for light jogging, its fabric will move with your legs just fine, but serious, intense movements in it will cause some discomfort and make your legs feel constricted.


Its Pocket System Is Perfect for EDC

vuori sunday performance jogger

Maverick Li

vuori sunday performance jogger

Maverick Li

There’s no bigger turn-off than a jogger that just can’t hold stuff—or a brand that likes to charge extra for adding one (1) more pocket to an existing jogger style and calling that an “upgrade”. Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger, at under $100, already comes with five (5) pockets in total—two deep opened pockets in the front, two medium zippered pockets in the back, and one medium zippered pocket on the left leg that opens vertically. In fact, one of our testing editors said that it’s this jogger’s bang-for-your-buck pocket system that won him over. On a regular day at the gym or out in the city, he’d put his keys in the left-leg pocket, wallets and phones in the deep front pockets, and use the back pockets to secure his earbuds or other valuable bits and bobs.

While I do love how useful the pocket system is for everyday carry—and how it’ll hold all essentials without sticking out a ton—I did feel that there’s a point when all the stuff stored in the pockets will weigh the jogger down a bit. This is where the drawstring comes in to help secure the fit. Overall, the Sunday Performance Jogger will encourage you to pack and carry wisely.


    It Can Do a Lot of Things Well

    Quite a few things can be done in joggers—working out, running, relaxing, traveling, hiking, etc.—and you can do all of them in just one Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger. With pockets galore, it’s great for running errands and daily commutes. In an athleisure style, it’s easily part of your outfit for casual hangouts or long-haul flights. Made with performance fabric that also feels buttery soft, I’ve worn it straight from training at the gym to lounging in my bedroom. A few of our testers have even gone above and beyond by wearing the Sunday Performance Jogger to do some beginner-friendly hiking in the outdoors. Personally, I call it the best everyday joggers for every activity—no lies detected there, as you’ll find out once you grab one yourself.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Care for Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger?

    Per the brand’s instructions, it’s recommended to machine wash it in cold water (30 Celcius degrees), then remove it promptly and tumble dry on low. In our experience, the jogger’s fabric has retained its shape and fit well, and the elastic waistband did not shrink at all even after I washed and dried it over six times. Lastly, avoid using bleach and fabric softeners since they can affect the technical knit fabric’s performance properties.

    What Sets Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger Apart From Other Joggers?

    The Sunday Performance Jogger is known for its blend of exceptional everyday comfort, versatile style, and athletic performance. Designed to seamlessly transition from workouts to casual outings to relaxing at home while maintaining a stylish athleisure appeal, this jogger stands out due to its bang-for-your-bucks value. At under $100, the Sunday Performance Jogger has five pockets and boasts performance-oriented features plus a practical design. In addition, the use of moisture-wicking fabric, four-way stretch, and thoughtful details like its athletic fit and zippers make it a cut above the rest.

    Should I Buy a Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger?

    It all boils down to your preferences and lifestyle, but given the versatility and affordability of the jogger, yes, since it’ll take care of a lot of things for you. If you work a lot or lead an active life, the Sunday Performance Jogger is a foolproof purchase at only $98. If you’re looking for pants to wear comfortably in various weather conditions, this jogger’s breathable fabric is a plus. If you’re looking to stock up on athleisure wear that can effortlessly take you from the gym to the street to back home, the Sunday Performance Jogger has a modern, trendy, failsafe look that’s perfect for such occasions while offering practicality for running errands, daily commutes, traveling, and more.


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