Uncommon Sense with Saloni first impression: Get Nazma Aapi a better team

Being a successful content creator is like catching lightning in a bottle. Considering the numbers of options available on the internet, it is tough to hold people’s attention. Hence anyone who strikes gold is in for a long ride, and the latest creator to join the bandwagon is Saloni Gaur. After her videos went viral on Instagram and YouTube, creator Saloni Gaur aka Nazma Aapi has landed a show on Sony LIV titled Uncommon Sense with Saloni.

Uncommon Sense with Saloni is an 18-minute show which opens with a monologue about what’s happening in the country, followed by a sketch and the show ends with Nazma Aapi repeating what Saloni Gaur mentioned in the opening. The first episode is out, and the topic here is unemployment.

I have not followed all of Saloni’s videos closely, but her character Kangana Runout (based on Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut) deserves some serious credit. Hence, it was a shame that we did not get to see Runout here. And what we see isn’t her best work either.

Her opening monologue has her presenting her take on current affairs sprinkled with a generous dose of fake laughter which gets on your nerves, but more so because it is not even appropriately placed during the edit. It pops up just before the joke hits its punchline and for a show made by professionals, it’s baffling to see how no one pointed that out. Add some Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah-style sound effects and some random restaurant-style background music, the vibe just goes for a toss.

A show like this solely depends on its strong writing, but Uncommon Sense doesn’t have much to offer. The joke about news channels being the source of comedy or every day is a Saturday during lockdown appears twice, albeit worded differently, in the same episode. Even the sketch about unemployment doesn’t really hit the mark.

The news they want to cover, with their spin, is dated and it surprises me that a content creator, who knows how quickly trends shift on the internet, would dabble in something that she too has covered via her character on various occasions.

Saloni Gaur’s first viral video was uploaded in late-2019, and she garnered a large following during the lockdown this year. The 20-year-old has surely achieved a lot in a short time. Her content, otherwise meant for social media apps, has now shifted to OTT. Not that one is greater than the other, but the kind of content that works on one platform might not work wonders on the other. Uncommon Sense with Saloni needs some serious modifications to work on the OTT platform.

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