Ukraninan talents ready for the Nordic Championships in Fredericia

Ukraninan talents ready for the Nordic Championships in Fredericia

When Fredericia (Denmark) hosts the Nordic Triathlon Championships on September 2nd-3rd, the event will not only bring together the finest Nordic triathletes but will also demonstrate solidarity across international borders. In a heartwarming effort, members of Triathlon Denmark, along with the other Nordic Triathlon Federations, have made it possible for two of Ukraine’s most promising young female triathletes to participate in the Nordic Championships through a successful fundraising campaign.

Sisters Yeva (17 years old) and Dana Soroka (15 years old) are set to compete in the 2023 Nordic Championships Fredericia Super Sprint Youth, taking place on Saturday, September 2nd at 10:00 am. Despite their youth, both sisters possess substantial experience as triathletes and have previously participated in Junior Europa Cups, where they competed on par with Danish triathletes.

The decision to invite the two Ukrainian triathletes to the Nordic Championships emerged from a personal experience. Mads Freund, Chairman of Triathlon Denmark, visited Ukraine earlier this year and attended the national Ukrainian championships. During this visit, he was profoundly impressed by Ukraine’s determination to hold the championships amidst an ongoing war. Furthermore, he gained insight into the challenges Ukrainian triathletes face in pursuing international competitions on an equal footing with athletes from other nations.

Triathlon Denmark’s initiative to extend an invitation to Yeva and Dana Soroka reflects international solidarity and recognition of shared values that unite the global triathlon community. This initiative underscores the significance of triathlon as a sport that transcends competition, emphasizing camaraderie and support.

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