UK Based Commercial Furniture Specialist 'Tables&Tops' Provides the Hospitality Sector With a Customer-Focused Style Edge

Tables&Tops offers affordable high-end seating options to hotels, restaurants and bars

UK Based Commercial Furniture Specialist 'Tables&Tops' Provides the Hospitality Sector With a Customer-Focused Style Edge(  A UK-based supplier of contract seating and furniture is helping the UK hospitality sector navigate current economic challenges, by ensuring they stay ahead of the competition thanks to leading-edge stylish hospitality and restaurant furniture and seating options.

Based in the UK and UAE, ‘Tables&Tops’ specialises in delivering a broad range of high-quality, in-style options for seating in hotels, restaurants and bars looking to create an atmosphere that provides customers with a memorable experience. With the hospitality sector suffering the impact of high inflation and the subsequent reduction in disposable income, attracting new customers is essential to ensure the longevity of venues that offer a drinking or dining experience.

Tables&Tops Managing Director Zain Ansar commented: “As UK households continue to pay closer attention to where they spend their money whilst cutting back on unnecessary expenditure, the hospitality sector will be forced to work harder in order to remain competitive. For many bars and restaurants, their appearance, look and feel are core parts of their branding, and impressing is the only way to ensure repeat custom. Look and feel can often be the difference between a failing venue and a flourishing success.”

Zain continued: “We’re proud to be positioned to help hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes to continue to ensure their venues look fantastic, with a broad range of tables, chairs and bespoke seating such as sofas, benches or lounge seats. We stock almost any design style you can think of, in a variety of themes – from elegant brass and marble to bistro, steel or wooden furniture – for both indoor or outdoor.”

In addition to a range of in-house fabrics, ‘Tables&Tops’ work with established suppliers across Europe and Asia to ensure a range of cost-effective options to suit any budget. The company also offer dedicated customer service with expert advice for orders worldwide, providing clients with the confidence and assurance of a professional service.

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About Tables&Tops

‘Tables&Tops’ is a London-based contract provider of high-quality furniture for the restaurant, bar and office space markets. Having a presence in both the UK and the UAE, ‘Tables&Tops’ are experts in ensuring your furniture compliments the look and feel of your venue perfectly, without attracting a prohibitive cost. From tables and chairs to bar stools and bespoke sofa seating, ‘Tables&Tops’ offer free advice with excellent customer service worldwide.

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