Trina Solar unveils upgraded Vanguard 1P solar tracker

Trina Solar unveils upgraded Vanguard 1P solar tracker

Changes to the Vanguard 1P system were discussed in a recent webinar in association with PV Tech.

In addition to the motor upgrades, the Vanguard 1P also incorporates design changes aimed at increasing installation efficiency, such as shrink tube technology that TrinaTracker said halved the time needed for tube connections.

Additionally, the tracker now includes a patented spherical bearing to enhance terrain adaptability, making assembly of the tracker easier on undulating terrain where extra forces caused by misalignment can pose a problem.

Digital enhancements

The updates incorporate changes to the Vanguard 1P’s hardware and smart control system. Image: TrinaTracker.

Alongside the hardware upgrades, TrinaTracker said the accompanying Smart Control System, which includes Smart Controller, Trina Smart Cloud and SuperTrack algorithm, had undergone significant refinements.

These include features designed to improve operations and maintenance efficiency and upgraded system security measures within the Trina Smart Cloud, including a multi-role permission management feature for enhanced security and the integration of a 3D digital map to facilitate the easy identification of alerts and faults.

The SuperTrack algorithm has undergone significant advances, expanding its range of application settings while autonomously identifying, training and optimizing itself, resulting in a marked increase in energy production of up to 8%, TrinaTracker said.

Juan Manuel Gomez Garcia, head of the TrinaTracker Competence Center in Spain, said: “These improvements reflect TrinaTracker’s commitment not only to improving the physical aspects of the company’s solar tracking solutions but also to the seamless integration of intelligent, digital elements, ensuring a complete and efficient user experience.”

The recent webinar hosted by TrinaTracker and PV Tech includes detailed presentations on the hardware and software upgrades to the Vanguard 1P as well as analysis of testing of the system’s performance in high winds. To view the TrinaTracker/PV Tech webinar in full, click here.

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