Tori Kelly Shares A Health Update With Fans & Reflects On ‘Confusing’ Medical Scare And Hospitalization

Tori Kelly Shares A Health Update With Fans & Reflects On ‘Confusing’ Medical Scare And Hospitalization

Tori Kelly is updating fans on her health and sharing more information about her recent medical scare. As The Shade Room previously reported, the 30-year-old was hospitalized for a week in July. At the time, blood clots were found around her major organs.

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Tori Kelly Reflects On Her Week-Long Hospitalization

The singer reportedly spoke with Entertainment Tonight earlier this week and reflected on the impact the unexpected hospitalization has left on her life.

“That just made me even more grateful and not want to take a single moment for granted…” Kelly explained.

As the interview continued, Kelly recalled the events that took place.

“It happened out of nowhere. I was feeling just a little tired throughout the day, and my heart rate was kind of high,” she explained. “I was at dinner with my husband and so thankful he was there because I ended up collapsing and was rushed to the hospital and they found blood clots.”

Kelly explained to the outlet that, to this day, she is still unsure about the cause of the blood clots. Additionally, she explained that she believes the issue does not run in her family.

The 30-year-old continued by explaining that the unexpected and “confusing” ordeal was “scary.” However, she also felt reassured that everything would be “okay.”

“On one end, it was scary, and then on another end, I did feel this sense of unexplainable peace that it was gonna be okay,” the singer said. “I just felt like God had me and it was gonna be okay, but yeah, definitely in the midst of that it was just kind of a confusing whirlwind.”

The Singer Shares A Health Update For Her Fans

As the interview continued, the 30-year-old explained that the blood clots “are manageable with medication and blood thinner.”

“It seems like blood clots are manageable with medication and blood thinner, so that’s how I’m able to tour and kind of get back to my normal self,” she said.

At the moment, Kelly has embarked on his first tour in over four years. Despite the huge milestone following such an unexpected medical scare, Kelly maintains that she’s “back healthy.”

Additionally, she explained that the ordeal has given her a “different outlook on life.”

“I’m able to tour now,” she said. “I’m back healthy and so it was definitely scary, but I think it’s definitely given me a different outlook on life and just being so grateful that I made it through that and am here now.”

A Brief Look Back At Tori Kelly’s Hospitalization

As The Shade Room previously reported, Kelly was hospitalized in July after unexpectedly passing out at dinner. At the time, she was checked into Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where doctors reportedly discovered blood clots around her lungs and legs.

Shortly after the news became public, the singer’s husband, Andre Murillo, seemingly confirmed the reports. The following day, he also shared a brief health update with the singer’s fans.

Not too long after, Kelly took to social media to share her own update. At the time, she confirmed experiencing an “unexpected” and “scary” health ordeal. However, she also thanked her fans for their “prayers” and the “amazing” team of doctors and nurses treating her.

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As The Shade Room previously reported, Kelly was discharged from the hospital after a week’s stay and returned home to a bouquet from Beyoncé.

Roomies, please join us in sending continued prayers and support to Tori Kelly!

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