Top Crypto Gainers on September 8 – XDC, RNDR, And AAVE

Top Crypto Gainers on September 8 – XDC, RNDR, And AAVE

The global crypto market cap on September 8 at 8:15 am EST is $1.08 trillion, with a slight positive change in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin shows a slight recovery, finding support at $25,800 as it seeks to recover from the bearish outlook of the last few days. 

Also, BTC’s market cap increased slightly from $500 billion on September 7 to $502 billion today. Its dominance is 46.54% likely to influence some altcoins and meme coins positively. 

Some altcoins outperform BTC today based on positive developments within their ecosystem. Also, investors’ sentiments affected these tokens’ prices and gains in the last 24 hours. 

XDC Network (XDC) – The High-Speed Blockchain 

XDC’s price on September 8 is $0.057, with a 5.1% increase in its price in the last 24 hours. However, the past seven days have remained the same, suggesting that the buyers are entering long positions today. 

One of the catalysts driving price gains in the XDC network in the past 24 hours is the community-based luncheon held at Marina Bay Islands, Singapore, on September 7. 

Liquidity providers of XDC Trade Network, we look forward to welcoming you to our luncheon.
Join us in shaping the future of global trade finance and explore how XDC Trade Network is leading the way in digitizing cross-border trade. 🌍

— XDC Trade Network (@XDCTradeNetwork) September 7, 2023

This event, tagged “Opportunities In Digital Trade Finance For Institutional Investors,” exposed the crypto community to the future of trade finance and opportunities. 

Such events help to boost adoption in an ecosystem, which often translates to an increase in value for the utility token. However, XDC’s price gains on the daily chart are still minimal, with the $0.06 resistance level the next target if the asset moves into an uptrend. 

XDC Approaching The $0.06 Resistance Level


XDC is in a sideways trend on the daily chart after its rally on September 7. It faces stiff resistance at the $0.060 price level, limiting its rise. 

XDC trades below the parabolic SAR indicator, which is a bearish sign for the asset, suggesting that the sellers are still active and might force a decline in the coming days.  

Also, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator is in the neutral zone with a value of 48.75. However, it is rising since the buyers are still active despite the bearish signs. 

The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) sits below the signal line, showing a bearish outlook early in September. However, the faded Histogram bars suggest that a recovery is imminent as the bears gradually lose momentum.

XDC has found support above the $0.053 support level. If it breaks above the $0.060 price level, a recovery in the coming days is possible. 

Render (RNDR) – The Smart Ecosystem For Artists

RNDR’s price on September 8 is $1.45, with a 2.4% increase in the last 24 hours. Also, it has gained 7.1% in the last seven days, indicating buyers’ dominance for the asset. 

RNDR’s price gains today likely come from its rising utility among artists, as it can now support short film productions. 

🍋”Le-Mon” – Making a short film from a SINGLE text prompt. Process was 95% automated, practically an “Interdimensional Cable Creator” 😂

Sound on🔉
Here’s a detailed thread on the process 🧵 🍋🎬#AI @CuriousRefuge @OnwardsProject @runwayml @elevenlabsio @RickandMorty [1/13]

— Pro Tharan (@ProTharan) September 5, 2023

Again, a member of the Render Network ecosystem, Pro Tharan, posted details of a  short film produced on the Render Network using a single text prompt. The producer revealed the steps taken to produce the film and how the Render Network facilitated the process.

This positive review likely led to RNDR’s gain in the last few days. However, buyers seem intent on making a profit, as indicated by the red candle formed on the daily chart. 

RNDR Buyers Still Intent On Forcing Uptrend


RNDR has formed a red candle on the daily chart as buyers begin to take profit after the September 5-7 price surge. RNDR trades below its 50-day and 200-day Simple Moving Averages (SMA), showing that the sellers are attempting to force a downtrend. 

Also, the RSI indicator displays a value of 48.10 but is descending as it approaches the oversold region of 30. Despite the decline of the RSI, the $1.33 support has proved critical to upholding RNDR’s price as the bulls attempt to break above the $1.57 resistance level. 

However, the MACD displays a buy signal confirmed by its green Histogram bars, suggesting that the buyers are still in an accumulation phase. RNDR will likely continue on its uptrend in the coming days if the buyers sustain their pressure on its price. 

Aave (AAVE) – The Open Source Protocol

AAVE’s price on September 8 is $56, with a 1.9%  price increase recorded in the past 24 hours. Also, AAVE price gains in the last seven days are modest at 1.4%, indicating that the rally might fade in the coming days. 

On September 6, Aave celebrated nine grant winners building in the Aave ecosystem. Aave often gives developers grants, one of the factors driving economic growth and boosting the AAVE token’s price. 

Hi ghosts,

A new season may be approaching but today we are celebrating the 9️⃣ July grantees building on @AaveAave and @GHOAave. We’re thrilled to have them building in the Aave ecosystem.

Learn more about each of the teams 👇

— AaveGrants.lens (@AaveGrants) September 6, 2023

The first winner is Range Protocol, a liquidity provider for decentralized assets. Second is the Loan Metaprotocol for Ethereum Mainnet, and they hope to enable gasless loan repayments on the mainnet. 

The third winner is LangWallet, an interactive AI crypto wallet that enables users to make transactions and queries with text or voice. Also, users can borrow, lend, and ask questions about Aave. These positive developments have yet to translate into a price surge for AAVE. 

AAVE in Sideways Trend Showing Traders Indecision 


AAVE is in a sideways trend on the daily chart as the buyers and sellers struggle for dominance. It is trading slightly below the $57 resistance level after finding support at $55. 

The RSI indicator closely mirrors this trend, with a value of 42.04 in the neutral zone and moving sideways. However, the buyers are gaining an advantage in the short term as the upper wick of today’s candle is entering the upper region of the Donchian Channel (DC), expressing a bullish sentiment. 

The MACD is above its signal line and displays a buy signal confirmed by its green Histogram bars. AAVE will likely hold onto its rally in the coming days if the buyers force the price to move above the $57 resistance level.

However, if this resistance persists, retracement is the likely outcome for the asset. 

Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) – The Smart Investor Solution 

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Bitcoin BSC is a new cryptocurrency project granting investors a second chance to relive Bitcoin’s previous bull run. Bitcoin BSC has some features in common with Bitcoin but is not affiliated with Bitcoin as it operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). However, its total supply cap of 21 million tokens is similar to Bitcoin’s. 

The project allows users to earn passive income by staking their BTCBSC tokens. Bitcoin BSC relies on the eco-friendlier proof-of-stake model to protect the environment and reward more users. 

Also, it was worth $0.99 at its presale stage, similar to Bitcoin’s price in April 2011. This low price allows investors to accumulate tokens, awaiting potentially massive returns in the coming months. 

BTCBSC Presales Offer Investors A Chance To Join Early

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Bitcoin BSC allocated 6.125 million tokens for the presales, with a soft cap of 4 million and a hard cap of 6.125 million. Also, presale buyers can purchase the BTCBSC tokens for $0.99 but only make a minimum purchase of $10 worth of BTCBSC tokens.

The BTCBSC presale is advancing rapidly, with over $266,000 raised. You can purchase the token using BNB, ETH, or USDT via the presale website.

Smart Chain BSC The Game Changer 

Bitcoin BSC’s dependence on BNB Smart Chain presents noteworthy features, including low gas fees, that can benefit its users and drive increased adoption. 

Also, dApps such as Trust Wallet and MetaMask are easily integrated into the network, making it the preferable option for purchasing the BTCBSC tokens. BSC is reliable since it shares similarities with Ethereum regarding robust security measures.

Staking For Passive Income 

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BTCBSC supports a buy-and-stake feature where holders can stake their tokens for additional rewards. Users’ rewards are proportional to their stakes in the staking pool and APY value. 

Over 150,000 tokens are staked as of September 8, confirming investors’ rising interest in the project.

Wall Street Memes (WSM) – The Largest Memecoin Ecosystem

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Wall Street Meme is the top-ranking presale of 2023 determined to break the control of the capitalist on the crypto market and create profit for crypto traders. 

How are they still flexing

— Wall Street Memes (@wallstmemes) September 7, 2023

Wall Street Memes aims to achieve its vision by leveraging the power of high community engagement. Also, based on its utility, it is more than a meme coin with the NFT project and merchandise boosting utility and overall value. 

WSM Presale Countdown, 18 Days To Go! 

WSM presale has less than three weeks to conclude after achieving unforeseen success and raising over $25 million from investors. WSM’s presale success is a testament to its community’s massive interest and adoption. 

Investors can purchase the WSM token at $0.0337 each, and this price presents investors with the best opportunities to accumulate these tokens before a potential surge after listing.

Users can purchase these tokens by linking a secure crypto wallet to the official website and completing the purchase with BNB, USDT, or ETH. Also, direct Bank Card purchase is also available for buyers who prefer this method. 

WSM Unique Tokenomics  

Wall Street Memes is interested in global expansion; 50% of its total supply is dedicated to marketing. 30% is set aside for community rewards, 10% for decentralized exchange listing, and 10% for centralized exchange listing to ensure sufficient liquidity. 

Staking Shows Commitment To Long-Term Value

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WSM investors can earn more with the buy and stake feature as its anti-inflation mechanism. The WSM developers have no tokens reserved, especially for the core team; therefore, the ecosystem promotes equity and fairness. 

WSM mirrors the staking feature of its host Ethereum blockchain, making it ERC-20 compliant. Staking is an eco-friendly reward system that is more energy efficient and protects the environment. Over 294 million tokens are staked on the WSM staking dashboard today, showing the growing interest from investors in long-term rewards. 

Also, the APY of 68% presents the opportunity for massive rewards, attracting more investors as it exceeds the industry average rate of 5-10%.  Furthermore, these staking rewards are distributed among investors based on their percentage in the WSM staking pool and the APY at the time of staking.

Wall St Bulls Present Alternative For NFT Lovers

>>>Visit Wall Street Memes Presale

The Wall St Bulls NFTs are another feature driving growth and rapid adoption in the WSM ecosystem. This collection houses 10,000 unique NFTs with potential for a future surge in value. 

Users that hold these NFTs have added benefits such as access to the Options Market and highly profitable trade opportunities. Additionally, holders access other free NFT collections of the WSM project, such as The Wall Street Assets and Interns. 

Merchandise Store And Roadmap Create Anticipation 

Wall Street Memes has plans to launch a complete WSM merchandise where users get access to several types of clothing to represent the brand. The store features items such as Sweatshirts. T-shirts and caps with the WSM logo.

This merchandise will likely spike interest globally and create an avenue for interaction in the community, boosting unity. After listing, WSM’s focus will shift to community empowerment programs. $WSM holders will have exclusive access to a Gated Community for additional benefits such as exclusive updates.

Also, the community will pursue a market cap goal of $1 billion, leading to massive rewards from presale investors. This YouTube video by the Up Next Crypto channel, with over 616,000 subscribers, shares why WSM is rated as the number one crypto meme community in 2023.


Bitcoin’s slight recovery today signals a possible bullish phase ahead for the entire crypto market. However, some altcoins have recorded more gains in the last 24 hours

The top gainers often rely on positive sentiments from traders accumulating tokens, leading to a price increase. 

Also, positive news events and developments aid growth in a crypto ecosystem, boosting the price of the native token. However, investors and traders must always consider crypto market volatility and risks. Proper research and risk management techniques are great for effective trading. 

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