TikTok Announces New Partnership to Facilitate Multi-Touch Attribution

TikTok Announces New Partnership to Facilitate Multi-Touch Attribution

TikTok’s looking to help marketers better connect the dots between the performance of their TikTok campaigns and their bottom line numbers, via a new partnership with TransUnion that’ll facilitate multi-touch attribution within TikTok campaigns.  

The process will utilize TransUnion’s “TruAudience” framework, which uses privacy-first data collection processes to provide omnichannel insight.

As explained by TikTok:

TransUnion’s TruAudience Marketing Attribution solution assigns credit for a conversion to multiple touchpoints in a customer journey. This provides marketers with the answers to crucial questions such as which marketing channels and tactics are most effective at driving conversions, and which specific touchpoints within a channel are most effective.”

The system utilizes your point of sale input, as well as other info from your business database, to provide a more encompassing view of how each of your campaigns is performing, which can help you better understand the specific impact of each initiative.

Facilitating improved data attribution is fast becoming a key focus, as more regions look to implement restrictions on data usage, and both Google and Apple roll out more explicit data control options. Indeed, along with Apple’s iOS 14 update, which prompts users to opt in or out of data tracking in apps, Google’s also phasing out cookie tracking, meaning that marketers are going to need to find new data sources to optimize their campaigns.

This new initiative could provide some of the answers for TikTok marketers, while also facilitating broader insight into the impact of all of your marketing efforts.

TikTok says that those looking to implement TransUnion’s TruAudience Analytics can reach out to their TikTok Brand Partnership Manager or Measurement Partner for more info.

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