This Duvet Cover Solves the Most Annoying Thing About Making a Bed

This Duvet Cover Solves the Most Annoying Thing About Making a Bed

QuickZip’s Easy-to-Change Duvet Is on Sale for Black Friday

So you want to do your laundry. Valiant! And yet, as you embark on the arduous duvet cover shuffle, a ritual that makes wrestling with a greased pig seem like a walk in the park, your sanity takes a vacation. Trying to swap out a duvet cover is like attempting to fold a fitted sheet—an exercise in futility that would make even the most Sisyphean tasks seem like a breeze. Armed with nothing but determination and a pint of sweat, you quickly realize that duvet covers have a mind of their own, and attempts to put a fresh one on leave you tangled in a labyrinth of fabric. It’s like trying to put socks on an octopus.

So why, in the name of all things cozy, hasn’t someone solved this conundrum? We can put a man on the moon, but can we conquer the duvet cover? It’s a first-world problem, sure, but in the grand scheme of annoyances, it ranks somewhere between a persistent mosquito and a slow internet connection. Still: Someone, somewhere, needed to unleash their genius and create the duvet cover revolution we never knew we needed—and that someone was QuickZip


New-Way Duvet Cover (Queen)

$140 at QuickZip

QuickZip was born of problem-solving ingenuity, an “innovative approach to bedding,” if you will, according to the company. QuickZip calls fitted sheets and duvet covers “two of the most reviled home essentials,” and we don’t disagree; of course we want our bed decked out in super-soft sheets and an ultra-cozy duvet cover, and the typically twisted bedding industry knows we won’t go without regardless of the struggle in folding and applying these elusive beasts. But QuickZip reinvented the fitted sheet with a unique two-piece design comprised of a “Zip Sheet” and a “Base,” making changing your sheets a speedy and efficient process whilst simultaneously ensuring that your fitted sheets stay put on your mattress, thanks to vertical elastic and the zippable design.


Fitted Sheets (Queen)

$145 at QuickZip

Ditto the duvet cover, which utilizes an extra-long zipper, clips, and hidden vents to make changing your comforter cover, adjusting it, and keeping it in place wildly easy. This is especially handy if your bed is in a tight space that makes moving around your mattress tricky, whether that’s your tiny Brooklyn studio apartment or your #vanlife VW camper. “We believe this is an opportunity … to transform the way you approach one of life’s daily annoyances—your bed sheets—in a pursuit of a more comfortable and hassle-free existence,” the brand explains. 

So, what are you waiting for? It’s your choice between years of wrestling with your duvet cover, or a better way.

Head over to QuickZip to peruse its problem-solving bedding.

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