“They Don’t Want Woman Like Us to Win”: NCAA Champion Angel Reese Sends Strong Message to 23YO Sha’Carri Richardson, the Fastest Woman in the World

“They Don’t Want Woman Like Us to Win”: NCAA Champion Angel Reese Sends Strong Message to 23YO Sha’Carri Richardson, the Fastest Woman in the World

2023 NCAA Champion Angel Reese‘s latest social media post has caught attention across various sports. Reese, who is very active on social media, encapsulated a powerful message of solidarity and empowerment for a fellow athlete. She echoed the sentiment of overcoming obstacles that women, especially women of color, often face in various domains.

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On Monday in Budapest, Sha’Carri Richardson, 23, earned her maiden world championship title. The LSU star’s statements served as a sign of solidarity among female athletes, even when they compete in varied sports.

Angel Reese gives shoutout to Sha’Carri Richardson


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The context of Reese’s message becomes even more poignant given Sha’Carri Richardson’s journey. Despite being faced with adversity and controversy, Richardson has displayed unwavering determination and resilience. Reese’s words of encouragement solidify the notion that athletes are not merely competitors; they are trailblazers and inspirations, shattering barriers for future generations.

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The recent admiration highlights the mutual respect and acknowledgment of shared struggles that women in sports experience. Her choice to give a shoutout to Richardson publicly not only showcases camaraderie but also stresses the significance of using one’s platform to uplift and motivate others.

NCAA Champion, Swimsuit Model, and Bagging 1.4 Million Deal, Angel Reese Wants
to Break WNBA Stereotypes

21-year-old NCAA champion Reese recently took to social media to extend her support for the fastest woman in the world. She took to her Instagram and wrote, “BEATS THE ODDS! DO YO BIG ONE BBY! they don’t want women like us to win! WE ALWAYS WIN!”

In a broader context, Richardson’s journey epitomizes resilience in the face of challenges. Reese gave the shoutout to the athlete, now officially the fastest woman in the world. While the NY Times shared the post on Instagram she shared the post on her story.

Her story resonates with others who have encountered failures but resisted giving in, transcending the world of sports. Reese’s message of solidarity aptly encapsulates the sentiment shared by many who understand the hurdles Richardson has overcome. It speaks to the larger narrative of women supporting women, dismantling stereotypes, and carving out spaces where achievements transcend gender and racial barriers.

Richardson’s quest for double gold

As the focus shifts to Sha’Carri Richardson’s participation in the 2023 World Athletics Championships, anticipation and excitement are palpable. The question on everyone’s mind is whether Richardson, the U.S. track star, can achieve an extraordinary feat—becoming a first-time sprint doubles champion by clinching victories in both the 100m and 200m events. Her recent triumph in the 100m race has set a precedent and fueled hopes for more success on the track.


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The 200m race holds particular significance for Richardson and Team USA. Historically, the 200m world title has eluded American women for the past decade. However, Richardson’s exceptional performance has injected renewed optimism. Her championship record run not only rekindles aspirations for the gold medal but also revitalizes the competitive spirit of the American contingent. Richardson’s emergence as a contender could recapture the gold won by Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson in the last championships.

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Angel Reese’s expression of support for Sha’Carri Richardson encapsulates the power of unity, inspiration, and determination among star athletes. As the 2023 World Athletics Championships approach, Richardson’s quest for double gold becomes not just a sporting event but a symbol of breaking barriers and challenging norms.


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With a chance at history in the making, do you think Richardson has what it takes to grab double gold? Let us know in the comments below!

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