The iPhone 15’s rumored USB-C MagSafe Battery Pack suddenly has my attention

The iPhone 15’s rumored USB-C MagSafe Battery Pack suddenly has my attention

Apple’s Wonderlust event will stream live on Tuesday, introducing us to the iPhone 15, the Apple Watch Series 9, and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. USB-C will likely be one of the show’s stars. After all, Apple has to explain the switch from the Lightning port.

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Reports already claim that Apple will make a big deal about how great the USB-C port will be for iPhone users. Moreover, the company should also unveil a new version of the AirPods Pro 2 with a USB-C case and other USB-C accessories.

Apple will push USB-C accessories in its retail stores now that iPhone 15 models will feature the universal port. In the more distant future, one of those accessories might be a brand new MagSafe Battery Pack model featuring a few unusual features, like the ability to stack multiple batteries or charge multiple iPhones simultaneously.

However, the basic USB-C MagSafe Battery Pack that might be coming soon is exciting for another reason. That USB-C port turns it into an external battery pack that might support additional devices.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is available for $99 from Apple’s online and physical stores. Moreover, plenty of electronics stores sell the accessory. It powers via Lightning and attaches via MagSafe magnets to the back of your iPhone to provide extra juice when you need it most.

If you own MagSafe Battery Packs, you can still use them with your iPhone 15 flavor of choice. But you won’t be able to charge them with the same cable you charge your iPhone.

That’s why the USB-C MagSafe Battery Pack accessory seems like a no-brainer. Just replace the port and sell the same accessory some Apple fans desperately need to escape battery anxiety.

The MagSafe Battery Pack in use with iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
The MagSafe Battery Pack in use with iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Image source: Apple

But Apple will do more than just switch the port if Mark Gurman’s information is accurate. The Bloomberg reporter told MacRumors that Apple is developing a version of the battery pack that would let users “daisy chain” multiple battery packs by stacking them.

If that’s not wild enough for you, Gurman also said that a single battery pack would be able to charge two iPhones simultaneously, placed on either side of the battery pack.

Why USB-C is the only upgrade the MagSafe Battery Pack needs

This would have to be a monstrous battery pack when it comes to capacity to pull such a feature.

It’s unclear when this upgraded MagSafe Battery Pack will launch or if such charging powers are even needed. I’m not currently using one, but I wouldn’t need to daisy chain multiple units. Also, charging two devices at the same time seems overkill.

Instead, I’m more excited about the actual USB-C port. Think about it, the Lightning MagSafe Battery Pack can’t charge the iPhone via a wire. It doesn’t work like a regular, wired battery pack.

But now that USB-C is in place, there’s no reason to use MagSafe charging when USB-C wired charging might offer faster theoretical speeds, even though it wouldn’t look as good.

Also, USB-C turns the MagSafe Battery Pack into a device that can power other devices, not just the iPhone 15. For that reason alone, the MagSafe accessory just became a more exciting iPhone accessory in my book.

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