‘The Golden Bachelor’: Everything We Know About ABC’s “Strike-Proof” Spin-Off

‘The Golden Bachelor’: Everything We Know About ABC’s “Strike-Proof” Spin-Off

In addition to solving its scheduling woes, The Golden Bachelor may be just the refresh the creatively flailing franchise needs. The new series follows the departure of longtime creator Mike Fleiss and is already showing promise, according to Disney’s top unscripted-TV executive, Rob Mills. “It’s such a different way of doing The Bachelor because these people are just at a totally different place in their lives,” he previously told Variety. “There is an interesting thing about people who have hit the other end of the spectrum, who’ve lived their lives, they’ve raised their kids; some have been widowed or divorced, and maybe some have never been in love. We thought that would be an interesting dynamic through the Bachelor prism.”

Who are the contestants on The Golden Bachelor?

At the end of August ABC unveiled the cast photos and bios for all 22 contestants on The Golden Bachelor. They range from age 60 to 75 and share a diverse range of pasts, perspectives, and, apparently, pickleball habits, as showcased in a trailer set to Cher’s “Believe.” And these women boast traits that have never been seen on a Bachelor bio. Take Christina, whose first concert was the Beatles in 1964; Marina, who has three master’s degrees; or Kathy, whose grandchildren call her “Kiki.” There’s even a familiar face in the bunch—Patty, the mother of Matt James, Bachelor Nation’s first Black lead who is still dating his final pick, Rachael Kirkconnell.

The full list of contestants is below:
Anna, 61, a retired nutritionist from Summit, N.J.
April, 65, a therapist from Port St. Lucie, Fla.
Christina, 73, a retired purchasing manager from Sierra Madre, Calif.
Edith, 60, a retired realtor from Downey, Calif.
Ellen, 71, a retired teacher from Delray Beach Fla.
Faith, 60, a high school teacher from Benton City, Wash.
Jeanie, 65, a retired project manager from Estill Springs, Tenn.
Joan, 60, a private school administrator from Rockland, Md.
Kathy, 70, a retired educational consultant from Austin, Texas
Leslie, 64, a fitness instructor from Minneapolis, Minn.
Maria, 60, a health and wellness director from Teaneck, N.J.
Marina, 60, an educator from Los Angeles, Calif.
Nancy, 60, a retired interior designer from Alexandria, Va.
Natascha, 60, a pro-aging coach and midlife speaker from New York City, N.Y.
Pamela, 75, a retired salon owner from Aurora, Ill.
Patty, 70, a retired real estate professional from Durham, N.C.
Peggy, 69, a dental hygienist from East Haven, Conn.
Renee, 67, a former Chicago Honey Bear Cheerleader from Middleton, Wis.
Sandra, 75, a retired executive assistant from Doraville, Ga.
Susan, 66, a wedding officiant from Aston, Penn.
Sylvia, 64, a public affairs consultant from Los Angeles, Calif.
Theresa, 69, a financial services professional from Shrewsbury, N.J.

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