The best neck fans in 2023

The best neck fans in 2023

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Published Aug 15, 2023 5:00 PM

Neck fans have already racked up millions of searches on TikTok because they’re cool. Or at least they’re cooling. These wearable fans provide a steady breeze exactly where you need it: right next to your face. They’re ideal for walks in the heat or keeping cool in the office, cost a fraction of bigger fans, and can be a stylish accessory. Here are some tips on what to look for before purchasing and our recommendations for the best neck fans.

How we chose the best neck fans

In the face of increasing heat, we’re on the lookout for ways to stay cool that don’t contribute to global warming. We looked to brands that are using the latest technology to provide relief in a package that’s lightweight and easy to use. In addition, we searched for models that would work for different uses. We considered the design, noise level, and time each charge lasted.  Finally, we included fans at a variety of price points.

The best neck fans: Reviews & Recommendations

Neck fans provide welcome relief from scorching sidewalks and on humid hikes, all while keeping your hands free. The best fans for your neck are lightweight, provide several levels of cooling breezes, and last at least 5 hours on a single charge. Here are our favorite options to help you chill.

Best overall: JisuLife Bladeless Neck Cooler


  • Type: Bladeless 
  • Weight: 9.1 ounces
  • Battery: 4,000 mAh
  • Battery life: Up to 16 hours


  • Lightweight
  • Stellar battery life
  • Available in five colors


  • Wayward strands of hair may get caught

The highly rated JisuLife Bladeless Neck Cooler is ready to go right from the box. Just connect the included USB-C cord and charge the included lithium-ion battery for up to 16 hours of use. Impressive! This bladeless fan is lightweight and felt good around my neck. This 360-degree fan features 78 vents and three speeds, providing a steady, refreshing breeze to the underside of my face without blowing my hair all over the place. This JisuLife fan is also reasonably quiet, though louder at Level 3—the highest wind speed.

That said, when I let my hair down, a few strands did get a little caught in the fan. And while this JisuLife model is great for a walk or hike on a hot day, it’s not particularly suited for running if you bounce up and down a lot as you stride. But it’s an attractive and affordable way to stay cool on the go. And it comes in five colors (dark green, dark blue, gray, green, and yellow).

Best for cooling: Torras Coolify Portable Air Conditioner Neck Fan


  • Type: Bladeless 
  • Weight: .77 pounds
  • Battery: 5,000 mAh
  • Battery life: Up to 4 hours in cooling mode; up to 8 hours in fan mode


  • Air conditioner and fan in one
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Expensive
  • Some users say battery can run hot

Why not get the best of both worlds with a neck fan and air conditioner in one? Torras’ Coolify neck fan comes with a built-in ceramic semiconductor radiator that provides air conditioning the company says can cool the skin by 18 degrees Fahrenheit in three seconds. It also features a fan with a motor that operates at a speedy 500 rpm, blowing cool air out and up to your face through 36 vents. At just .77 pounds, it’s lightweight and has a sleek design. The included lithium-ion battery charges in about 2.5 hours and lasts up to 4 hours in cooling mode and up to 8 hours in fan mode.

Best adjustable: AMACOOL Bladeless Neck Fan


  • Type: Bladeless
  • Weight: 9.7 ounces
  • Battery: 5,000 mAh
  • Battery life: Up to 7 hours


  • Adjustable neck band
  • Comes with two motors
  • Features energy-saving mode


  • Some users say it’s not that powerful

A neck fan is an ingenious solution for on-the-spot cooling, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable on your neck, you’re not going to wear it. AMACOOL’s Bladeless Neck Fan was designed from silicone to be adjustable so that the neckband can fit everyone from a child to an adult with a large neck. At 5,000mAh, the battery is powerful for a neck fan. This device features two motors that power four speeds, including an energy-saving mode. It can also provide up to 9 hours of cooling (depending on the fan speed) from its 60 air vents. You can also use it with a stroller. Consider one of the best outdoor misting fans for a more comprehensive option.

Best for kids: ICEBIRDS Portable Neck Fan for Kids


  • Type: Bladeless 
  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Battery: 1,800mAh
  • Battery life: Up to 9 hours


  • Comes in animal designs
  • Affordable
  • Features three speeds


  • Battery not very powerful

Getting a kid to wear something is a lot easier if it has a fun design. ICEBIRDS Portable Neck Fan fits the bill. Designed specifically for children, these fans come in several animal-inspired models, including Bear Orange, Dinosaur Cyan, and Swan White. At 11.9 ounces, this neck fan is lightweight. It also has three speeds, though the 1,800-mAh battery isn’t particularly powerful. But depending on the speed, the charge can last for up to 9 hours. 

Best budget: Comlife Portable Neck Fan


  • Type: Blades
  • Weight: 6.9 ounces
  • Battery: 2,600 mAh
  • Battery life: Up to 9 hours


  • Affordable
  • Features two heads 
  • Long battery life


  • Battery may get hot
  • Some users say it’s not that powerful

Comlife’s wearable fan is an ideal way to stay cool without spending a lot of cash.  This double-headed small portable fan hangs comfortably on the neck and is 360-degree adjustable. It features six fan speeds, battery life between two and 9 hours depending on use, and an included USB cable for simple charging. This necklace fan weighs just 6.9 ounces, so you can even wear it during a vigorous workout or just for a walk around the neighborhood. — Carsen Joenk

Things to consider before you buy a neck fan

Neck fans are deceptively easy to use; just charge them and put them on for instant relief. But there are some features to look for when making your decision.

Bladeless v. with blades

The makers of bladeless fans say the benefit of their design is that users’ hair won’t get caught in blades and that they’re safer for kids. While that’s generally true, sometimes longer strands can still get caught in a neck fan’s vents. But hair is easier to remove and doesn’t get tangled as it would for models made with blades.


The batteries of the neck fans on this list range from 1,800mAh to 5,000mAh. The best overall one we tested provided plenty of relief, but some users have said certain models aren’t powerful enough. While a neck fan should provide a cool breeze to your face and neck, keep in mind that at their size, they’re not a replacement for more powerful portable fans.

Two-in-one functionality

Some models are designed with additional features for extra cooling, such as the Torras Coolify Portable Air Conditioner Neck Fan, which is a neck fan and air conditioner in one. You’ll appreciate the added cooling power, but remember that this more advanced technology will cost more and may be harder to repair.

Battery life

Many of the picks on this list come with USB-C cords for charging. It’s important to remember that most of the neck fans on this list can operate at three levels of wind speed. The battery will last longer (up to 16 hours) if you use a lower speed or an energy-saving mode if the fan has one.

Noise levels

You don’t want a neck fan close to your face that’s so loud you can’t hear. The range of wind speeds also results in different noise levels. Look for neck fans that are quieter, such as the JisuLife Bladeless Neck Cooler, which operates at about 25 decibels.


Q: How much does a neck fan cost?

The cost of a neck fan depends on the sophistication of its features. The Torras Coolify Portable Air Conditioner Neck Fan is designed with a ceramic semiconductor radiator that allows it to act as a neck fan and air conditioner in one. It costs around $120. At the other end of the spectrum, the budget-friendly Comlife Portable Neck Fan features two small fans and will cost you about $20.

Q: Can I leave a fan on for 12 hours?

You can leave a neck fan on for 12 hours if you have a model like the JisuLife Bladeless Neck Cooler, which lasts up to 16 hours. Keep in mind that you’ll have to run the fan at a lower speed for it to last that long.

Final thoughts on the best neck fans

Just as headphones and earbuds help you create a serene bubble on the go, a neck fan can help add some physical cool to that mental oasis. These adaptable options can provide targeted relief for hours, saving energy and money. As the hot days linger, a neck fan is an essential tool to add to your collection of weather-related accessories.

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