The 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Gets A Much-Needed Range Increase

The 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Gets A Much-Needed Range Increase

While a competent SUV, the Volkswagen ID.4 EV has been playing second (or possibly third) fiddle to other EV SUVs like the Tesla Model Y or offerings from Hyundai or Kia. That’s potentially due to its relatively low range compared to other cars. Previously, the ID.4 had a maximum range of 275 miles if you bought the rear-wheel-drive-only Pro model. That range drops to 245 miles for the all-wheel drive Pro S variant. If you’re buying only on range figures, that puts the ID.4 below the Tesla Model 3 and even the Chevy Bolt. 

However, according to a press release, Volkswagen is looking to change that. Plus, the ID.4 is getting a healthy boost in power, too. Actual range numbers have not been released as of yet, with VW saying, “EPA-estimated ranges for the 2024 ID.4 will be available closer to market introduction.” However, it seems that the battery will have the same 82 kWh capacity as previous models.

A substantial bump in power

The company said it was able to squeeze more range out of the battery through a total revamp of its power train and electric motors. The “old” model’s drivetrain (that’s only been around since the 2021 model year) generated 201 horsepower for the single-motor version and 295 horsepower for the AWD version that utilizes two motors. The new motors for 2024 now pump out 282 horsepower for the rear-wheel drive model and “around” 330 for the all-wheel drive versions. In another bit of good news, since the ID.4 is assembled in VW’s plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it is anticipated to be eligible for a $7,500 tax rebate, as eligibility rules dictate battery sourcing and vehicle assembly origin. 

VW hasn’t revealed a lot of numbers related to the slightly revamped ID.4, including what it will cost. For comparison, the 2023 ID.4 “Standard” trim starts at $38,995. But even if the range is increased by a single digit, the substantial gains in horsepower will likely be a welcome change.

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