Mahe, Seychelles – Tectum, the fastest blockchain, is proud to announce the listing of its native token, $TET, on the Bitget Cryptocurrency Exchange. This initiative is part of the company’s plans to incorporate more users into its people-centric ecosystem.

Early adopters will enjoy several benefits and will be pioneers of a new monetary system. The futuristic technological company is offering more individuals the opportunity to be part of this innovative solution.

Tectum is on a mission to change how people transact and is already incorporating how people do business. The organization is introducing simple yet secure measures for people to send and receive money.

The Tectum Drive

Unlike the competition, Tectum is more than just a blockchain enterprise with a cryptocurrency. Most other web3 companies focus on creating cryptocurrencies for people to send and receive via a blockchain wallet. However, this blockchain firm goes beyond the standard.

Instead of the regular transaction process that is limited to on-chain transfer of tokens, tectum utilizes SoftNote Bills. These are virtual currencies that the average person can utilize to send and receive funding.

The process is very simple and utilizes a QR Code for completion. To send funds, the sender sends the QR code to the receiver, who scans the code to obtain their money.  The process is very straightforward, and the code can be printed on a piece of paper.

Nonetheless, Tectum understands the security risks of this approach and has a method to protect users. In addition to the QR code, the receiver will need a secret pin to get the funds stored in that QR Code and only the sender has these secret digits. This means that the piece of paper will be worthless without approval from the sender.

Despite offering so much off-chain, the company does not ignore on-chain transactions either. In fact, users can send cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum held on the Tectum Blockchain for zero gas fees. This is a massive improvement on the norm, considering the expensive cost of Ethereum transactions.

Considering the massive upsides, it is not surprising that Tectum is growing at a significant pace. Its simple yet futuristic solution has seen it partner with the following companies:

  • Inkpa Mani Art Gallery
  • Restaurant Le Phare Vieux-Fort
  • Tbeneze dba Aperture Minerals
  • Queensland Solar & Lighting

Tectum is open to working with businesses that want to scale growth. Interested enterprises should fill out the form contained in their Crypto for Business Page to proceed.

Details of the Tectum Coin Listing on Bitget

$TET will be listed on the Bitget exchange by 11:00 AM UTC on the 21st of August at the price of 1 $TET to 4 $USDT. Once it is time, individuals will be able to make $TET deposits into their Bitget Wallet. The trading pair for this listing is $USDT.

The Tectum Coin ($TET) is one of the few cryptocurrencies holding strong despite the harsh bear market. Experts also predict that the value of this token will significantly rise in the next bull run. Users can join the Bitget spot trading platform to participate.

The $TET Coin

$TET, which also stands for Tectum Emission Token, is the native cryptocurrency of the Tectum blockchain. Built on the T12 standard, it can be integrated into the Tectumwallet, Tectum Enumeration Coin (TEC), SoftNote Minting License, SoftNote, Telegram Bot (@SoftNotebot), Mobile App to enable easy transactions.

In addition, it also serves as a virtual representation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This means that people can send the BTC and ETH equivalent without paying gas fees.

About the Tectum Blockchain

Tectum is a blockchain designed by the Crispmind software development company. The establishment leveraged the contribution of top professionals in the tech industry to build a customer-centric, cost-effective, and qualitative solution. Its ecosystem comprises the fastest blockchain, noncustodial wallet, block explorer, 3FA Authenticator, $TET, and SoftNote Bills.

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