Tea.xyz causes a flood of spam pull requests to open source projects

Tea.xyz causes a flood of spam pull requests to open source projects

Here’s what I believe is happening:

The TEA project claims it wants to support open source developers using some kind of blockchain technology. Somehow, more popular projects will be rewarded more.

I believe people are rushing to add this file without explaining what it does because in each case it establishes their blockchain wallet as the “code owner” of the popular Ghost project, even though they aren’t regular contributors.

So in practice the TEA project is not helping to support the Ghost project, but is instead causing a rush of self-serving PRs to be submitted to cash-in on other people’s work.

Have I missed something? Because so far no alternate explanation for these tea.xyz submissions has been put forth.

And this is fun: I tried searching for the meaning of the “codeOwners” field for TEA, but for a project that claims to support open source, they don’t make the documentation of this file format easy to find. Yes, they include a “what is this file” link in the file, but it doesn’t take to you page that explains what the YAML means, it’s just a page that describes in hand-waving terms how their crypto project is awesome.

This why people hate on crypto.

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