Sutton Stracke freaks out ‘germaphobe’ Jeff Lewis with mysterious swollen eye: ‘You need antibiotics’

Sutton Stracke freaks out ‘germaphobe’ Jeff Lewis with mysterious swollen eye: ‘You need antibiotics’
Sutton Stracke with a swollen eye
Jeff Lewis was not amused when Sutton Stracke showed up for an interview with a swollen eye.Instagram

Jeff Lewis was less than amused when Sutton Stracke showed up to an interview with an unexplained swollen eye.

“I think you need antibiotics, that’s an infection,” Lewis told the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star in a clip from SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live” that was posted to Instagram Monday.

“You are sick,” he added. “You’re sick as a dog.”

Stracke — who hid her puffy, red eye with orange-tinted sunglasses for part of the sit-down — tried to reassure the “Flipping Out” alum and his co-host, Doug Budin, that she was feeling “better.”

However, she also admitted something was “coming out of [her] eyeball.”

Jeff Lewis
The “Flipping Out” alum asked if she was planning to get treatment, but she replied, “No.”

Stracke speculated that something must have flown into her eye to cause the redness and swelling.

Lewis, who could be seen casting a stern gaze toward the 51-year-old socialite, asked if she planned to go to urgent care after the interview, though Stracke matter-of-factly said “No.”

At another point, the reality TV star removed her sunglasses to fully reveal her irritated and puffy left eye before the host, 53, looked at her with a disgusted expression.

Sutton Stracke
The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star wore sunglasses throughout the interview to conceal her irritated eye.

“So what did the doctor say?” Budin asked Stracke, to which she replied, “Just, you know, go along for the ride.”

After they agreed that she definitely had an “infection,” the “RHOBH” star jokingly conceded to getting treatment.

“I’m going to the hospital after this,” she said.

Sutton Stracke with a swollen eye
She claimed her doctor told her to just “go along for the ride.”

Fans were not too pleased with Stracke’s appearance on the show with her mysterious condition, with one user commenting that she “should have stayed home.”

“I’m so surprised because Jeff is a huge germaphobe😂,” a second wrote.

While some were baffled by the reality TV star’s decision to step out with a swollen eye, others were just entertained by the exchange between Stracke and Lewis.

Doug Budin
Lewis’ co-host, Doug Budin, agreed Stracke’s inflamed eye looked like an infection.

“Jeff is like why are you here?!!! 😂😂😂,” one person wrote.

“this is why we LOVE HER SO MUCH 😂👏👏👏,” another gushed over Stracke’s dry humor.

The mom of three has yet to share an update on her swollen eye.

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