Starfield: Where to sell guns, armor, and other items

Starfield: Where to sell guns, armor, and other items

From the opening moments of Starfield, you can start collecting items that go into your inventory. As there are literally millions of random items across the galaxy for you to pick up, you will eventually need to either sell, equip, or discard these items in Starfield.

Given how rare credits are in the early portion of Starfield, I highly recommend selling any items in your inventory that you don’t need. You can sell anything from weapons to gear to miscellaneous items you found that had a high value. However, finding a vendor to sell these items to can be a real nuisance in the opening hours of Starfield. Luckily, I was able to locate several vendors that will take all of the unwanted junk you no longer need. You can read about where to find those vendors in the guide below.

Fortunately, you don’t need to leave the city of New Atlantis to sell off any unwanted items from your inventory. There are several vendors across the various districts of New Atlantis that will happily sell you specific items and buy your unwanted items.

Below, you can see where to sell, and buy, specific items so you never have to worry about your carrying weight again.

Weapons and Ammo

Sell and buy items in Starfield
The Centurian Arsenal shop. | Screenshot via Upcomer

You are able to both sell and purchase weapons and ammo from the Centuarian Arsenal shop in the Residential District of New Atlantis. To reach this district, take the NAT (New Atlantis Train), and select the Residential District once you get inside.

From the train station, head to the area near Apollo Tower and you will see the orange Centurian Arsenal shop. Head inside and speak with the man behind the counter to see what you can buy and sell.

Healing Items

CJ’s shop. | Screenshot via Upcomer

For all of your healing needs, you want to stay in the Residental District and head to CJ’s, which is located to the right of Centurian Arsenal. CJ’s only sells and buys healing supplies, so don’t go in there hoping to sell off some of your weapons or other gear.

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The Eit Clothiers shop. | Screenshot via Upcomer

If you want to deck your character out with the latest fashion trends, then you will want to find your way to the store called “Eit Clothiers.” This is a pink store with mannequin-filled windows all along the side of it. It’s found down the stairs from the Centurian Arsenal shop, still in the Residential District. In here, you can purchase fancy clothes for your character when they’re walking around a settlement. As a note, you can only sell and buy actual clothes, not spacesuit gear.

Spaceship Gear

The Outland store sells everything. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Finally, if you have been holding onto some heavy spaceship armor that’s worth a ton of credits, you will need to head to the Commercial District of New Atlantis. This can be accessed via the NAT as well. From the train station, go straight over the pond and a store called Outland will be visible on your left.

In Outland, you can buy and sell spaceship gear as well as anything else. This is a one-stop shop for all of your needs in Starfield. You can sell healing items, weapons, ammo, miscellaneous items, and your gear. This is the store I recommend going to first if you just want to sell off your inventory. However, if you want to buy a specific item, then head to one of the three stores mentioned above, unless what you’re looking for is spaceship gear.

Miscellaneous Items

As previously mentioned, any junk you may have attained in Starfield can be sold at Outland. This includes random items like board games as well as any crafting components, such as iron. Although, I do recommend holding onto crafting components if you’re able to. If you find yourself running out of carrying weight on your character, you can always store items in your spaceship’s inventory.

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