Starfield: How to Fix the Comms Computer for Back to Vectera

Starfield: How to Fix the Comms Computer for Back to Vectera

At around the five-hour mark of Starfield, you will be tasked with heading back to the moon of Vectera, which is where you started your adventure. Here, you are tasked with regrouping with Barrett after successfully finding another Artifact for Constellation. However, when you arrive on Vectera, you find that Barrett and Heller have seemingly disappeared. In order to figure out where they went, you need to complete the objective called “Fix the Comms Computer.”

The Comms Computer is located in one of the stand-up facilities on Vectera. Supervisor Lin tells you the computer is busted, but if you are able to power it back on, you could learn the location of Barrett and Heller. When you arrive at the quest marker for the Comms Computer, you will find that there is no immediate way to turn it on. If you’re like me, you spent several minutes searching the facility to no avail.

Luckily, I was eventually able to figure out what to do, so now I’ll explain those steps to you.

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Complete Fix the Comms Computer in Starfield

First off, right near the room with the Comms Computer, you will see three yellow boxes on the wall. These yellow boxes require a Power Cell to turn on, which in turn will power the entire facility, including the Comms Computer. As such, you need to get to work finding three Power Cells to power the boxes.

Here’s a description of where to find all three Power Cells:

  • You can find the first one on top of a box in the room you first enter from the facility. It will be next to a yellow crate.
Starfield: How to Fix the Comms Computer for Back to Vectera
The location of the first Power Cell. | Screenshot via Upcomer
  • The second Power Cell is located in the back office room of the facility. It is located right next to two flood lights sitting on top of a rolling cart. You also want to pick up the Vectera Control Room Key in this office (it’s on the desk).
The location of the second Power Cell. | Screenshot via Upcomer
  • Finally, the third Power Cell is not found in the facility where the other two are. Instead, you need to go into the other facility that’s located across the platform. Inside of there, you can find the Power Cell in the first room you enter sitting on a rolling cart next to a Cutter Crate.
The location of the third Power Cell. | Screenshot via Upcomer

With all three Power Cells, insert them into the yellow boxes next to the control room. Then, use your Vectera Control Room Key to enter the Comms Computer room.

The door to get inside the Comms Computer room. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Approach the computer and access the files that are on there to find out what happened to Barret and Heller. Once you’re done, head back outside to speak to Supervisor Lin. This will complete the Fix the Comms Computer part of the Back to Vectera mission in Starfield.

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