‘Southern Hospitality’ star Joe Bradley shares juicy details about romance with Danielle Olivera

‘Southern Hospitality’ star Joe Bradley shares juicy details about romance with Danielle Olivera

Love was in the air at BravoCon!

“Southern Hospitality” star Joe Bradley gushes to Page Six about the beginning of his new relationship with “Summer House” star Danielle Olivera after they began seeing each other at BravoCon 2023 last month.

“It was just organic,” Bradley exclusively tells us of the first time he laid eyes on the “beautiful” Olivera in Las Vegas in early November.

“We were at ‘Watch What Happens Live’ in the green room, and we were making eye contact and just a gravitational pull, and then on the last night we hooked up,” he continues.

Bradley reflects on the entire meet-cute “love connection” as being “organic” and “not some big setup.”

The VIP director of Republic teases that while it may have been a “little premature,” he has already visited her in New York City, and she has plans to see him in Charleston, S.C.

Bradley –– who attended his first BravoCon this year –– explains that his fellow “Southern Hospitality” co-stars hit it off with several other Bravolebrities, especially Olivera’s “Winter House” castmates Kory Keefer and Kyle Cooke.

Joe Bradley and Bradley Carter on Zoom

“Southern Hospitality” star Joe Bradley details his romance with Danielle Olivera that started at BravoCon 2023. Page Six

A selfie of Danielle Olivera

Bradley praises “really beautiful” Olivera. Instagram/@danielleolivera

“Me and Bradley [Carter] right off the bat, we just clicked with them,” Bradley says. “We already were close friends with Kory Keffer and then Kyle [Cooke] kinda took me under his wing a little bit. All of them were dope we love them.”

Bradley and Carter each describe the three-day fan convention as “one big party,” but Bradley jokes that he now realizes how news in the Bravo universe can spread like wildfire.

“It made me realize not everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas –– especially not in the Bravoverse,” he says with a smile. 

Joe Bradley posing on a red carpet

The new Bravolebrity reveals that Olivera even has plans to visit him down south. Stephen Greathouse/Shutterstock

Bradley and Olivera initially kept their romance under wraps, but that quickly changed after they hard-launched their relationship just two weeks after they first hooked up.

Olivera appeared on a Nov. 16 episode of “WWHL” where she brought Bradley along as her guest, and they teased their relationship while he watched his girl with the rest of the audience members.

“We had some fun in Vegas,” Olivera spilled at the time, while later jokingly referring to him as her “new friend.”

Danielle Olivera posing in the snow

Bradley teases the two had a “gravitational pull” when they met behind the scenes at a BravoCon “Watch What Happens Live” taping. Instagram/@danielleolivera

Danielle Olivera posing for a solo photo

Meanwhile, Olivera previously admitted to having “fun” with Bradley. Instagram/@danielleolivera

Olivera has been single since splitting with longtime boyfriend Robert Sieber in the fall of 2022.

She had a brief fling with “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” star Alex Propson on the latest season of “Winter House,” but that fizzled out after Olivera saw him flirting with another woman.

Meanwhile, Bradley has seemingly stayed single since viewers met him on Season 1 of “Southern Hospitality,” although he previously confessed his crush to co-star Maddi Reese.

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The two have since moved on to a platonic friendship, but Bradley teases that their friendship will always be “very complicated.”

“Like one week, I feel like she’s my partner-in-crime best friend forever, and then the next week, not so much,” he tells us.

“I just feel like she just has one of those personalities where you never know where you stand with her, but for the most part, she will always be my partner-in-crime and one of my best friends. We’re good right now.”

Grace Lilly, Maddi Reese, Joe Bradley, Austen Kroll, Bradley Carter sitting at BravoCon

Bradley and the rest of his “Southern Hospitality” co-stars will return to Bravo screens on Dec. 7. Bravo via Getty Images

The whole crew of “Southern Hospitality” — Bradley, Carter, Reese, Leva Bonaparte, Mikel Simmons, Grace Lilly, Lucía Peña, Mia Alario, Will Kulp, Emmy Sharrett and TJ Dinch — will all return for a second season to work out their relationship dynamics and love lives while working at Republic restaurant in Charleston.

Several of the cast members describe the upcoming season as “crazy,” with many of them admitting they’re more “nervous” and “anxious” than excited to rewatch the ups and downs from last summer.

Season 2 of “Southern Hospitality” premieres Thursday, Dec. 7, at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, with episodes streaming on Peacock the next day.

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