Showed Me What Kind of Man He Was: Female Co-Star of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1994 Blockbuster Hit Spills Beans on the 76-Year-Old’s Thorough Gentleman Gesture

Showed Me What Kind of Man He Was: Female Co-Star of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1994 Blockbuster Hit Spills Beans on the 76-Year-Old’s Thorough Gentleman Gesture

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in the limelight since he first won the Mr. Universe title at 20. Arnie has had a knack for impressing people with his gestures throughout his career. Recently, his True Lies heroine, Jamie Lee Curtis, recounted Arnie’s heartwarming gesture while filming the movie. 

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The Terminator star was already a superhit action hero in Hollywood when he collaborated with James Cameron in 1994 for a French remake, La Totale. The film grossed $378.9 million at the box office, but Curtis recalls how Schwarzenegger accommodated her in the film’s success. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s costar reveals the attitude of the Terminator icon


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The marketing gimmicks of Schwarzenegger were unparalleled, and he advertised his work like no other. Be it by featuring in the Pumping Iron documentary or his promotional videos on his books, Schwarzenegger would ensure people know about his craft across arenas. So, he had a contract in place during his Hollywood run that only his name was above the movie’s title. But Cameron wanted Curtis’s name also above the title of True Lies. 

“I’ve gone to Arnold, and I asked him kindly if he would be okay with your name, also being above the title because it feels appropriate for this movie True Lies,” Cameron informed Curtis. To the Academy Award-winning actress’s surprise, Arnie accepted the deal. 


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“Arnold Schwarzenegger, my friend sitting here, my bridge friend right here, said ‘of course’ and that to me ladies gentlemen, and others is the greatest testament about who this man is, that he understood that it was the completely right thing to do in that instance, and it showed me what kind of a man he was,” Curtis noted at the LiveTalksLA. The 65-year-old underscores that Schwarzenegger need not share the credit for the film as per the contract. It isn’t the first time Arnie received compliments from one of his co-stars. 

Brigitte Nielsen comments on the Austrian Oak


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The 7x Mr. Olympia has won multiple hearts during his phenomenal career across multiple arenas, and often his colleagues appreciate his humbleness despite being a superstar. The Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen, who collaborated for Red Sonja in 1985, also feels Schwarzenegger is a great guy. 

“He’s been on so many movies and for me, it was the first time, so he kind of helped me along the way. We had a great shoot,” Nielson once noted how she felt safe being around Arnie on the sets. 


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Arnold Schwarzenegger has touched many lives in his life, and now through his fitness newsletter is helping the masses to embrace wellness and health. At 76, Schwarzenegger is all about being ‘Be Useful’ to others.

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