Save 25% on the luxury Augustinus Bader skincare stars swear by

Save 25% on the luxury Augustinus Bader skincare stars swear by
Hailey Bieber, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian with insets of Augustinus Bader skincare
Stars like Hailey Bieber, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian have treated their famous faces to Augustinus Bader’s luxe formulas.
Getty; Dermstore

From red carpets to everyday glam, Augustinus Bader plays a starring role in plenty of stars’ skincare routines.

But while the luxury beauty brand is an A-lister favorite, you won’t need a Hollywood-sized paycheck to snag some for yourself at Dermstore’s Anniversary Sale right now.

While discounts last, a slew of the brand’s bestsellers — including hydrating products like The Cream (from $69, originally from $92) and The Rich Cream (from $69, originally from $92) — are 25% off with the code CHEERS. 

The latter once featured on Hailey Bieber’s Instagram Story — where she called it “my everyday” — in addition to popping up in a snap of Jennifer Aniston’s “Morning Show” makeup table. 

The Rich Cream

The Rich Cream (from $69, originally from $92)

Victoria Beckham, who once collaborated with the brand, told Byrdie she uses the same formula at night if she’s “feeling super dry.” 

Celebrities’ glam teams are also reaching for Augustinus Bader bottles on the regular — including makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who works with the likes of Margot Robbie and Priyanka Chopra.

“I’m loving the skincare moisturizers from Dr. Augustinus Bader,” Dubroff once told W. “He’s a world-renowned German professor who has created skincare rooted in stem cell rejuvenation…helping people look the most healthy, radiant version of themselves.”

Augustinus Bader The Cream

The Cream (from $69, originally from $92)

The skincare company has also become a red carpet mainstay; makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic used its products on Kim Kardashian for her Marilyn moment at the 2022 Met Gala, while celebrity aesthetician and brand ambassador Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine previously told Page Six Style he recommends it to his superstar clients. 

“Celebrities don’t have the luxury of time, despite what we are told, to do all of these beauty treatments and invasive procedures,” McLeod-Valentine said. “They need simple but highly effective products that immediately improve the skin but will lead to accumulative transformation.”

With the Dermstore sale ending on August 17, be sure to shop fast if anything catches your eye.

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