Royal Ravens Rebrand Strips Last EU Team From CDL

Royal Ravens Rebrand Strips Last EU Team From CDL

It was announced today that the London Royal Ravens have rebranded to the Carolina Royal Ravens ahead of the 2024 CDL season. Following the rebranding of Paris Legion in 2022, this now means that there are no EU-branded teams left in the Call of Duty League. It’s crushing news for fans based in the United Kingdom, as it now means that there are almost no real reasons left to host a CDL Major or CDL Champs in London.

Earlier today, the London Royal Ravens started posting a series of cryptic messages on Twitter, which culminated in the grand reveal. Following a social media rehash, it was revealed that the team will now be called the Carolina Royal Ravens going forward, and that the team has officially relocated to the United States. Fans were left wondering why the name hadn’t changed fully, and it was revealed that it’s because one of Charlotte’s nicknames is ‘The Queen City’.

Farewell to EU

carolina royal ravens

Image Credit: Carolina Royal Ravens

It’s a monumental shift for the Call of Duty League, and just like that, it’s now entirely a North American venture. This has been one of the busiest off-seasons in the history of Call of Duty esports, and we’ve seen mergers take place, organisations almost buckle under the current economic climate, and more players change teams than ever before. With the news coming from the Royal Ravens’ camp, we come one step closer to having a perfect picture of the season ahead, but there’s still plenty more work.

Following a series of rumours, it’s now believed that the Call of Duty League 2024 season won’t kick off until January. That’s a huge break, considering it was in June that the 2023 season came to a close with the New York Subliners lifting the trophy in Las Vegas.

On November 10th, Modern Warfare III will be released, serving as the competitive platform for the year ahead, and players, teams, and competitors are all preparing for what’s next. Sadly, despite the brand-new game being released, a new competitive season sitting on the horizon, and boxes being ticked by developers, EU-based fans that follow the CDL may still be feeling a little left out.

Here’s the statement posted by the Carolina Royal Ravens on Twitter:

London Never Fared Too Well

It was only during one season out of the last four that the Royal Ravens managed to gain any ground in the Call of Duty League. Last year, the squad ended up flat bottom, producing one of the worst records we’ve ever seen in the history of Call of Duty esports. During the Vanguard season in 2022, the squad finished the regular season in fourth place, but in 2021 and 2020, they failed to really make any huge waves.

Perhaps a change of scenery will change the organisation’s fortunes in Call of Duty – and an all-new roster to boot. There are plenty of players yet to be picked up, scattered into the wind following the end of the 2023 season. It’s one of the last rosters to have any real moves recorded, so it’ll be interesting to see what contracts are signed in the weeks ahead.

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