Revisiting Bigg Boss, the baap of all reality shows

When Bigg Boss launched in 2006 on Sony TV for the first time, very few had an idea what it would turn out to be. An adaptation of Dutch reality show Big Brother, the show tests the survival capabilities of a person. While initially the series started with a humble setting, over the years, the house has undergone significant makeovers with a lot of luxuries provided to the housemates. It even moved channels in 2008 (season 2), when it started airing on Colors, and has been a part of its programming till now.

As the countdown to Bigg Boss 2020 begins, we decided to revisit the previous seasons of the controversial reality show.

Over the years, many celebrities have entered Bigg Boss. While many shocked fans with their behaviour, some managed to win hearts. A few celebrities also revived their careers through the show, while others soon vanished. The initial seasons saw people from different walks of life being pitted against each other. However, in the last few years, the show has been dominated by television stars. We can’t really complain as this works for the makers, given these actors’ popularity and recall value. Also, the shock element is also there as most bahus turn out to be babes in real life.

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