Pome Rumble: Your Gateway to an Uncharted Gaming Odyssey

Pome Rumble: Your Gateway to an Uncharted Gaming Odyssey

A new star rises in the gaming cosmos – Pome Rumble, a groundbreaking Puzzle RPG game that guarantees players a transcendent adventure. Embark on an extraterrestrial journey alongside Pome and his companions as they lead you through a spellbinding narrative, captivating landscapes, and exhilarating trials.


  • Pome Rumble Unleashed: Dive into the captivating world of Pome Rumble, a pioneering Puzzle RPG game that blends alien landscapes, strategic challenges, and a powerful narrative.
  • Rescue and Unite: Join Pome and companions on an alien planet, aid the displaced Ketsians, and forge interstellar bonds while overcoming challenges.
  • Pre-Register Now: Secure your spot in the celestial odyssey of Pome Rumble, enjoy exclusive rewards, NFT possibilities, and be part of an epic gaming saga.

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Pome Rumble: A Thrilling Arrival on Mysterious Soil

The saga kicks off with Pome and friends facing an unforeseen dilemma – a crash landing on an enigmatic alien planet. Stranded in unfamiliar terrain, they discover that the Ketsians, the planet’s native inhabitants, have been displaced by menacing creatures.

Pome and company embark on a mission to restore the Ketsians’ home and harmony to their world. As they tackle challenges together, their interstellar camaraderie deepens. This also sets the stage for the Ketsians’ triumphant return.


Pome Rumble propels players through a series of trials that test both wit and strategy. These encounters yield invaluable resources, with the elusive Space Stone (SPS) standing as a coveted gem of incredible power. The Space Stone empowers Pomes, elevating their prowess.

Players begin with chapters and a “Scout” button, delving into waves of challenges. Conquer each wave and face the ultimate boss challenge, sharpening your skills with each victory.

Central to Pome Rumble is the Space Stone, a wellspring of intrigue and might. It enhances Pomes and allies, while its exchange for PMR tokens opens pathways within the game. Beyond resource gathering, Pome Rumble also fosters strategic growth. Outfit your Pomes with diverse skills, shaping their abilities for varied encounters. Your strategic acumen becomes the bedrock of their evolution.

Unlocking NFTs and Rewriting Narratives

Furthermore, as Pomes flourish, NFTs beckon, enhancing combat prowess and mining efficiency. Moreover, Pome Rumble’s narrative is a canvas you paint, crafting a saga woven by your choices, challenges, and bonds.

Pome Rumble also beckons players on a celestial odyssey. Crafted with meticulous care, this Puzzle RPG adventure invites you to script your story amidst captivating backdrops and formidable trials.

Pre-Register Now for Pome Rumble!

Exciting tidings! Brace yourself for Pome Rumble’s epic Puzzle RPG adventure! Join the pre-registration and prepare for a journey of puzzles, strategies, and rewards in a mesmerizing fantasy realm.

For WEB3 pre-registrants, a whopping reward of 1,000 diamonds awaits upon launch! As the pre-registration goal is achieved, brace for more excitement – a grand raffle boasting $1,800 in PMR tokens or exclusive NFTs.

Be among the pioneers to unravel Pome Rumble’s mysteries. Join the pre-registration now and embark on an unparalleled adventure!

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