Players Are Breaking Into Tarkov Arena Before It Has Launched

Players Are Breaking Into Tarkov Arena Before It Has Launched

Escape From Tarkov Arena is an all-new, standalone game being released by Battlestate Games in a matter of days. It’s a world away from the intense, challenging extraction shooter that fans have been wrapped up in since 2016, though. In Arena, players are charged with diving into round-based, traditional multiplayer games, and it has already been confirmed that the game has an esports ecosystem. However, ahead of the game’s launch, some players seem to be breaking into it, potentially with malicious intent.

This is a huge cause for concern, as players breaking into the game ahead of it being released can only mean a few things. At the most troubling end of the scale, it could mean that some nefarious operators are trying to get access to the game to study it and create cheats for it. For years, Tarkov’s problem with cheaters has been well-publicised, and it’s not something that the developer, Battlestate Games, has ever managed to eradicate.

Could the same issue be about to surface in Arena?

It Shouldn’t Be Accessible

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Image Credit: Battlestate Games

Battlestate Games hasn’t officially released Tarkov Arena just yet, but it has updated its launcher to show Arena in the sidebar. That doesn’t mean that it’s playable, though. There are some expectations that Tarkov Arena will go live when the game ‘wipes’, which is an event that’s scheduled for sometime this month. In Tarkov, a ‘wipe’ resets the game, putting every player back to base status and forcing them to climb up the ranks once more.

On Twitter, the user ‘LogicalSolutions’ shared an image showing someone downloading Escape From Tarkov Arena. The user stressed that the image wasn’t fake and that VSC code was visible in the background, suggesting that some users are breaking Tarkov’s Terms of Service and modifying their launcher somehow.

Immediately, LogicalSolutions was called out for being ‘a snitch’, and some users ridiculed them for being jealous that they didn’t have access to the game early as well.

Since it was revealed more than a year ago, Escape From Tarkov Arena has been at the forefront of the wishlists for Tarkov fans the world over. It’s a new generation of the game and will offer up a more casual way to play Tarkov without actually playing Tarkov. It’ll use most of the same mechanics, weapons, and it was stressed that progress from Tarkov Arena will port over to the player’s main character in Escape From Tarkov.

Are you concerned that some users are trying to force early access to Escape From Tarkov Arena?

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