Neighbors Were Stealing From My Mother’s Garden So I Taught Them a Lesson

Neighbors Were Stealing From My Mother’s Garden So I Taught Them a Lesson

Tending a garden and growing vegetables is not an easy task. That’s why it’s especially frustrating when someone breaks in and ruins the results of your work. The hero of this story felt sorry for his mother who invested a lot of time and effort into her garden while some strangers just chose to destroy it. So, he decided to teach them a lesson.

This is what the man wrote about what happened, “My mom is really into gardening, and sometimes people come by and steal potted plants, yard statuettes, and even dig whole plant bulbs with plants out of the ground. Or cut all the roses off her bushes because they are too cheap to buy from the florist I guess.”

“Anyway my dash cam of my car which I park in the driveway near the garden bed caught most all of them close-up and as a way to help my mom not have her plants stolen I printed all their pictures out and made a poster that said, ’Oh, hey there! Don’t be a Daffy-dil and steal, or else you might end up doing hard Thyme! We hope This’ll be a lesson to Yew!’

And I put the pictures of everyone stealing from the garden around the border. Also gave each person a funny fake name, ’Mr. Potato Head,’ ’Dill-a-Tante,’ ’Pothead,’ ’I Peony in My Pants,’ ’Frond-less,’ ’Root Boy,’ and so on.

I thought it was funny and cutesy, like how can you be offended with dumb plant puns… My mom thought it was hilarious and wanted me to hang it up because she was sick of seeing stuff stolen. But I got a couple complains, one neighbor said I needed to take it down because I had a picture of his son, a minor, who did something dumb but was just trying to bring his sick girlfriend flowers. And that was disproportionate and rude to publicly shame him.”

“Another guy came to the house and returned a cutting his wife apparently took to propagate thinking it would be no big deal… But yeah, it damaged the plant because she cut like a quarter off. And he asked if we’d take down the sign because she was on the board of directors or something from the town and whatever. My mom had answered the door and told him to make like a bee and buzz off.

Anyway, I guess they both know each other and now both these families are annoyed. But am I in the wrong for making a petty sign about people stealing from my mom’s garden, hoping to get them to stop?”

Internet users supported the man, and it turned out that many gardeners were in his mother’s shoes:

  • I tried growing yellow watermelons at the first house we owned. The plants were well within my backyard with several good-sized melons just about to be ripe enough to pick. Some kids (young teens) came through and used the melons for footballs.
    I only grew roses there after that. My neighbor across the street loved my roses, so she kept a firm eye out for vandals for those plants. © Kittymamaxs3 / Reddit
  • I planted 3 pumpkin plants which I grew from seed. I started them indoors and when they were ready, I planted them in my allotment. All were growing so well and one even had 3 nice sized pumpkins.
    Then one day, someone dug up one of my pumpkin plant, so there was a huge hole where it should be. Plus they also took 2 of the pumpkins. I gave up my allotment that season. © swedesuz / Reddit
  • As someone who once had her mature rose garden, including rare hybrid roses, butchered by a woman on my street who used them for her wedding, those people absolutely deserve to be called out. I’ve been told, “It’s just plants” and “It’s just flowers.”
    Well, fine. Let me come to your yard and steal your mailbox, windchimes, and patio furniture. It’s out in the yard, it must be fair game too, right? © Outofworkflygirl / Reddit
  • I like how it’s simultaneously not a big deal and a big deal to them. It’s not a big deal that I stole because it’s just plants, right? If you’re going to make a big deal about plants you’re just being petty. But also, it’s a big deal because you’re publicly shaming me.
    So which is it? If it’s not a big deal that you stole plants it shouldn’t matter that someone called you out on it, right? © gerbil_george / Reddit
  • I don’t know what kind of woman the original poster’s mum is, but if you have a sick girlfriend (for example) and no money to buy flowers, why don’t you just ask if you can pick some? She might have even made a bouquet for you so you get the flowers she wants picked. These people will never know as they never asked. Most avid gardeners I know are itching to share their craft, so just ask nicely? © Unknown author / Reddit
  • I agree with you. One time a young girl started picking my grandma’s roses. She went out and told her off. But after the girl said it was for her sick mum, my grandma gave her a bunch and told her to just ask next time. And gave her ones that had only just opened that day, so they’d last. © trumpsaltereg0 / Reddit
  • They could have apologized and offered to give the cost of the plant or the cost of a bouquet of flowers at the florist. I think I would take down the photo if someone did that and actually showed remorse. © zzplant8 / Reddit
  • Especially the parents of the minor! Why haven’t they marched his butt down there to apologize and ask how he can make it right? They just expect they can guilt the original poster into giving them the easy way out. Great parents and role models! © bloseja / Reddit
  • Sadly, none of these people feel obligated to go apologize and ask nicely to have their photo taken down. Instead, they want to argue and act offended for being called out for their actions. I don’t know how we’ve gotten to this huge disconnect in society. © jrevis05 / Reddit

Many people create real beauty in their gardens by planting trees, bushes and flowers in a certain way to form colorful compositions. It is fascinating to see the results of their work, as it is obvious that these people have invested a lot into their gardens.

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