Mithila Palkar: Just because I work on digital doesn’t mean I don’t like to be seen on the 70mm screen

Digital platform is what can be attributed to Mithila Palkar’s popularity. The actor admits that while she owes it to the OTT medium, that is not going to stop her from dabbling in big screen projects.

“When digital came along, the kind of content that was being made was what I wanted to do. I am glad that I got to be a part of that digital revolution. Personally I lack the vision or foresight about what this would have eventually become but I am glad where it stands now. I am glad that the internet is now a medium of entertainment. I just viewed it as an opportunity,” says Palkar, whose full-fledged Bollywood debut was with Karwaan (2018).

With the boom in the digital space, more and more actors from Bollywood, those that have so far stayed away from it, are showing keen interest in it. So what happens with people like her?

“I think this is the most interesting time to be a part of the industry because we all are in the same playground, which is makes it most exciting. That is what we have all struggled for so many years and it is great that we are finally here to tell stories that we want to. We don’t want to tell stories of a hero and heroine. We have started telling stories about people. It is great that we can all collaborate and all mediums are intermingling,” shares Palkar.

However, the actor, who has been a part of web series like Little Things, Girl in the City and web films such as Chopsticks and the recent Tribhanga, adds, “Will that stop me from doing films? No. Just because I do OTT does not mean I will not take films up. I will obviously want to see myself on the 70mm screen. It is now amazing to see that we are all working together and there is no films actor and OTT actor demarcation. It is all going to change and it is already changing.”

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