Max Verstappen Tipped to Crush Lando Norris’ Ambitions to Bits Despite Resurgent Run

Max Verstappen Tipped to Crush Lando Norris’ Ambitions to Bits Despite Resurgent Run

We’ve only just completed the first half of the 2023 season and already desperation has started to creep into the ranks. Granted, what we’re witnessing with Max Verstappen and Red Bull this year is beyond special. But the sport needs a worthy messiah to battle the Dutch lion or at least give him a fair fight. While Formula 1 has the distinct privilege of boasting a full grid of the world’s best drivers, currently, there seems to be only one option that can realistically dethrone the 2x champion.

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Lando Norris is just a world champion in waiting. And there’s common consensus in the paddock and within the fans about this. And the only thing that’s been lacking for the Brit is a comparable car. But after McLaren’s early-season woes, the Woking-based team seems to have gotten a huge chunk of performance on the MCL60. With Lando Norris threatening, is McLaren‘s resurgence going to be enough to give Norris his maiden win, and future championships?

Lando Norris tipped for failure


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The British Grand Prix showcased the real talent and speed of the 23-year-old. However, it also exposed the biggest impediment to Norris’ chances at victory and championship success. It seems like no matter what they or anyone else does, Max Verstappen and the Bulls are simply inevitable.

During the most recent episode of the Formula For Success Podcast, ex-F1 team owner, Eddie Jordan hypothesized the same. He said, “Winning grands prix at McLaren, first they have to overcome Red Bull.” But even after that, Norris faces stiff competition from Verstappen.

He continued, “And the next biggest hurdle after that is the likes of Max Verstappen, which is not going to be an easy task, never. He’s fast emerging to be the greatest driver of all time. I think there’s no doubt about that.”

After 2-Year-Old Painful Heartbreak, Lando Norris Tipped to Claim Elusive Feat
on One Condition

Time is of the essence in F1. And while Norris is still just 23, he wouldn’t want to waste years of his peak in a team that can’t fulfil his ambitions.

Will Norris chase glory over loyalty?


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There’s an age old saying that goes, ‘If you can’t beat your competition, then join them!’. At this juncture, it looks as though the Milton-Keynes-based outfit are unbeatable. And with Verstappen as your no. 1 priority, the best shot at getting the best of him has to be side-by-side in equal machinery.

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While this may sound as the obvious option for Norris, does Red Bull have the same affinity towards the Brit. Sports Illustrated quoted Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko as saying, “Having Verstappen and Norris on the same team would be perfect for fans, as well as for television and all journalists.”


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Marko sure does seem warm to the idea of pitting Verstappen and Norris against each other. But can Norris really prevail over the might of Max Verstappen in equal machinery?

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