Marvel’s Doctor Doom actor for the Fantastic Four reboot might have leaked

Marvel’s Doctor Doom actor for the Fantastic Four reboot might have leaked

It seems unlikely Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot will make its May 2, 2025, release date. Sure, there’s plenty of time to shoot the movie and have it hit theaters on time, but there’s no telling when the writers and actors will end their strikes or how fast Marvel can get back into production for Fantastic Four and the rest of the MCU. Let’s remember that there are plenty of Phase 5 projects to go before we get to Fantastic Four. And those might be delayed as well.

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There’s also the Fantastic Four cast to consider, which Marvel hasn’t announced yet. Instead, we’re getting a steady stream of leaks detailing the various actors Marvel might be considering. The cast can’t be confirmed while the actors are striking, but we have another exciting rumor for you. Marvel reportedly has a favorite for the MCU’s Doctor Doom.

Before I tell you about it, you should know that spoilers follow below.

It’s not just the four superheroes that we’re curious about when it comes to the Fantastic Four cast. We also want to know who will play the villains and who the villains of this first movie will be. Obviously, Doctor Doom seems like the go-to antagonist of the story, especially considering that we’re in the Multiverse Saga, which ends with Avengers: Secret Wars.

But most Fantastic Four plot rumors say that Doctor Doom will not be the film’s main villain. Instead, the anti-hero might have a minor role.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Doctor Doom appeared only in the film’s credits scenes if these reports are accurate. They say that Galacturs and the Silver Surfer will be the main villains of Fantastic Four.

Comic-Con 2022: MCU Phase 6 titles and release dates.
Comic-Con 2022: MCU Phase 6 titles and release dates. Image source: YouTube

Then again, I’ll advise caution when setting Doctor Doom expectations. Wakanda Forever rumors said Doctor Doom will appear in one of the movie’s credits scenes. But, by the time Black Panther 2 premiered, we learned there wouldn’t be any Doctor Doom in it.

With that in mind, Jeff Sneider said on Thursday’s The Hot Mic podcast that he heard Marvel is considering Josh Hartnett for the part of Doctor Doom.

I’ve just seen Hartnett play Ernest Lawrence in Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, and I’ll say that I wouldn’t mind getting a Doctor Doom variant out of him. He was definitely a highlight of Oppenheimer, an actor we’ve hardly seen as much in big blockbusters as of late.

Sneider didn’t reveal any details about this Fantastic Four cast choice. And it’s still too early to say whether it’s real, considering the strikes. But the insider did say the role will be small. Doctor Doom would appear either at the end of the film or after the credits start rolling.

The same Sneider provided additional details about the various actors Marvel has been considering for Fantastic Four. That includes Vanessa Kirby for Sue Storm, which seems to be confirmed. Also, Marvel might be making Fantastic Four around the Invisible Woman.

That said, seeing how and if Marvel shifts the current MCU schedule around will be interesting. But Marvel will finally reveal the Fantastic Four cast only well after the strikes end. Until then, you can check the full Hot Mic podcast episode below.

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