Magic Eden Teams Up with Polygon to Elevate NFT Landscape With $1 Million Creator Fund!

Magic Eden Teams Up with Polygon to Elevate NFT Landscape With $1 Million Creator Fund!

Magic Eden has taken a significant stride in elevating the NFT landscape on the Polygon blockchain. Moreover, it has allocated a substantial sum of $1 million to back visionary creators dedicated to pioneering innovative NFT projects.

In a recent Twitter announcement, Magic Eden unveiled its strategic partnership with Polygon, heralding a host of alluring prospects for creators. This collaboration not only guarantees financial support but also invaluable access to Magic Eden’s mentorship program for selected applicants.


  • Magic Eden partners with Polygon to boost NFT landscape.
  • $1M fund supports unique NFT projects on the Polygon network.
  • Initiative aims to encourage innovation and diversification in NFT space.

Magic Eden logo alongside Polygon fund announcement

Magic Eden Empowers The Next Wave Of Creators On Polygon

The central goal is to nurture the financial growth of NFT projects tailor-made for the Polygon network. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to bolster the presence of impactful NFTs within the Polygon ecosystem.

Expressing their viewpoint, the company emphasized the importance of uplifting artists in a challenging market environment.

Criteria for Securing Magic Eden’s Funding

The selection process for funding will hinge on three pivotal aspects: uniqueness, scalability, and the potential to revolutionize conventional dynamics in the NFT sphere.

Magic Eden’s daring move is poised to cultivate innovation and diversification within the NFT realm. While its origins lie within Solana, The marketplace is progressively establishing its foothold as a multichain marketplace. Looking forward, the company also aims to extend its influence onto the Polygon blockchain.

As far back as November 2022, the marketplace embarked on its expansion by integrating support for Polygon NFTs. Additionally, it introduced the capability to mint and trade Polygon NFTs. The Polygon blockchain has gained prominence as a thriving hub for Web3 gaming and diverse decentralized applications.

This strategic endeavor to provide financial backing and resources to creators underlines the platform’s commitment to the NFT domain. Ultimately, Magic Eden is solidifying its stance in the NFT ecosystem by curating high-quality and Blue-chip NFT collections.

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