“Like a Prime Tony Ferguson”

“Like a Prime Tony Ferguson”

The relentless blows and dripping blood might scare the most, but not the likes of Tony Ferguson or even Cristian Giovannie. Besides a contest of skills, endurance, and physicality, an MMA fight is also a battle of willpower. What are you supposed to do when the blood is gushing down your face and your opponent unloads strike after strike? While some might embrace fate, Giovannie would rather gallantly absorb the blows.

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A clash of bantamweights at Legacy Fighting Alliance 165 seized the headlines as a nasty spinning elbow left Giovannie in a bloody mess. Notably, Giovannie faced Allan Begosso this Friday at Kaiser Permanente Arena in Santa Cruz on August 18. The fight turned into a bloody affair in the final round, with only 10 seconds remaining on the clock.

Giovannie and Begosso gave fans a Tony Ferguson like violent and gory affair


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With the clock ticking, Begosso faked a left jab and soon followed it with a spinning elbow. The blow wobbled Giovannie, and soon a kick and a couple more elbows followed. Meanwhile, blood was sprouting like a fountain from his face.

However, the American fighter didn’t give up and bided his time. On the other hand, Begosso raised his hands in the air as he received the appreciation of the crowd. Definitely, he had bagged the round and the fight with his deadly blow. But it was Giovannie who stole the show as he spat out the blood, walked around the steel cage, and gave his opponent an obscene gesture.


While Begosso swept the judges’ scorecards and won the fight via unanimous decision, Giovannie’s bloody face reminded MMA fans of Tony Ferguson.

MMA fans left bewildered after Giovannie ate a spinning elbow

A comment gave credit to Giovannie for not “falling down”. They also lauded the setup leading up to the elbow.

Credits to the opponent for not falling down. That was such a terrific set up

— PropAholic (@MMA_PropAholic) August 19, 2023

However, a fan disagreed and mentioned Giovannie didn’t move or block.

Lol it wasn’t a good set up tbh the guy just didn’t move or block

— MMAislife (@otfervin) August 19, 2023

Someone pointed out Giovannie looked like a prime Tony Ferguson and he only needed shades.

Looking like a prime Tony Ferguson with those blades, he just needs the shades

— Database Sports Picks (@DatabasePicks) August 19, 2023

An X user mentioned Giovannie ate the blow like a sandwich.

He ate that like a sandwich god damn

— Gordy_Kegs #RESPAWNRECRUITS (@gordy_kegs) August 19, 2023

Another comment wondered how the MMA fighter ate the blow.

Similarly, another fan recalled their previous verbal exchanges.

he call you… he warned you… he told you… he armed… he drop it… and you ate it!

— Oprah Spadon (@OprahSpadon) August 19, 2023

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Lastly, someone declared the spinning elbow was clean.


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What do you think of this amusing clip involving Cristian Giovannie and Allan Begosso? Do you also believe Giovannie shares similarities with the prime Tony Ferguson? Let us know in the comments below.

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