Let It GO! Monica Wants Folks To Stop Mentioning C-Murder (Exclusive)

Let It GO! Monica Wants Folks To Stop Mentioning C-Murder (Exclusive)

Monica has moved on from C-Murder and wants the internet to follow suit immediately! The singer exclusively shared the message for fans in The Shade Room’s comment section on Instagram.

The roomies pulled the response from Monica after plenty of comments pointed out her date to Nelly’s recent birthday celebration. TSR shared video clips of the red carpet at the ‘Black and White Ball.’ Monica’s new bae, Anthony Wilson, joined her.

Monica addressed her past situationship with C-Murder four hours after @shantelledominica93 commented, “Anthony? Where C Murda at.”

“@shantelledominica93 OMGGGGG I haven’t said his name in 2 yrs can y’all follow my leadlike y’all did when I brought him up. One band, one sound,” Monica exclusively wrote on TSR’s Instagram feed.

For context, Corey ‘C-Murder’ Miller is serving a life sentence for a 2002 murder in a Louisiana prison. In 2020, Monica revealed she was working behind the scenes to get him released from prison amid witness recants. At the time, she explained connecting with Kim Kardashian about his case and learning its ins and outs via his lawyer.

Monica Says She Got Her Heart Broken By C-Murder “Again”

By 2021, it looked like Monica and C-Murder rekindled a romance. She shouted him out at her bookings and he took to Instagram professing his admiration and love.

“My baby kilt it at the show. Her sanging this outfit a #TRUEqueen we knew from day 1 this was real love. No opinion changes a fact, and we got the history to prove that. If you know me, you know how I’m coming bout her,” C-Murder wrote on Instagram in November 2021.

This past summer, fans questioned their relationship status. Monica fueled talks of a fizzled-out fling with C-Murder after she popped out with Anthony at her son’s basketball game, per Essence.

Then in October, Anthony dedicated an Instagram post to the R&B singer for her birthday, calling her his “babe.” She reposted the shoutout saying, “Thank you my love, you’ve treated me like aeveryday was my birthday.” 

Monica’s new love is reportedly Chris Brown’s manager, per Complex.

Meanwhile, as for C-Murder, the singer alleges he broke her heart again.

“Well, here it is in short! I learned yet another valuable lesson! I went through it, got over it, now I can laught about it. Life continues,” Monica wrote in TSR’s comment section.

For those wondering, she says C-Murder still “had represntation to one day be free.” Now, she instructing everyone to “move forward.” 

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