Keefe D Indicted For Tupac Murder After Interview Confession

Keefe D Indicted For Tupac Murder After Interview Confession

Keefe D is facing imminent charges in connection to the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur. In an interview with VLAD TV, the former Southside Compton Crips member confessed to assisting in the shooting of the iconic rapper. 

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Dark Secrets Revealed?

After a March 2023 interview with VLAD TV, Duane Keith “Keefe D” Davis is facing imminent charges in connection to Tupac’s 1996 Las Vegas shooting. It appears Keefe admitted to assisting in shooting the late rapper.

Law enforcement has built a case against Keefe D and is prepared to present it to a Las Vegas grand jury. On July 18, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department raided a home belonging to Keefe D’s wife, Paula Clemons, and seized various items, including magazines, computers, hard drives, and photos from the 1990s. 

They also confiscated Keefe D’s book, Compton Street Legend, in which he detailed his involvement in the shooting. The former Crip revealed that he was in the white Cadillac that pulled up next to Tupac and Suge Knight during the fatal shootout. 

According to Keefe, he and Suge are the only remaining living witnesses to the murder. 

Keefe D Speaks 

Greg Kading, a former LAPD detective who investigated the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, called for the raid on Keefe D’s home. Keefe D claimed:

“I did a deal with the U.S. attorneys and the dudes from D.C. [Justice Department].. It was a way bigger time where people were gonna go downwards.. A lot of people were gonna go down.. If I wouldn’t have said nothing, we lost our whole community, lost all my homies, they shredded in an indictment, so I really did a lot of people a favor, they should be thanking me.”

However, his admissions in various interviews could now be used as evidence against him. Keefe D accused Kading of doing “crooked” work and withheld information about recording their conversation. Davis stated, “I would have never said nothing if I knew he had a f*cking thing [recorder] in his pocket.” 

Possible First-Degree Murder Charges

Authorities are considering first-degree murder charges against Keefe D, and a grand jury will convene in September 2023 to decide whether there is enough evidence to prosecute him. The investigation into Keefe’s connection to Tupac’s murder has been meticulous, as the authorities stated: 

“The homicide team did not enter into this investigation lightly… They knew that the world would be watching if they took any action against Keefe. They do not want to make any missteps. One key aspect was building a strong case and file of evidence detailing how Keefe was one of the four suspects in the car, was pivotal in the actual murder, then the destruction of critical evidence.”

As details continue to emerge, Keefe D’s role in the murder of Tupac Shakur is becoming clearer. The infamous BMW that Tupac was driving on the night of the shooting is now being sold for $1.75 million. Law enforcement hopes to uncover more information about what happened that night by investigating the vehicle. 

Pop Smoke Killer Found Dead

Additionally, in a separate case, the connection between the tragic murder of New York rapper Pop Smoke and a disturbing discovery in Malibu has recently come to light. California police discovered the body of Javonnta Murphy, the brother of one of the suspects arrested for the late rapper’s murder, inside a barrel that washed ashore on July 31.

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