Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Has an MVP-Level Net Worth

Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Has an MVP-Level Net Worth

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IT’S NO SECRET that star athletes make big money over the course of their careers. Each year, whether it’s baseball, football, soccer, or basketball, teams sign the best of the best with contracts that tend to start in the millions. And that’s not even mentioning investments players make, advertisements and sponsorships, and any other ventures they may have. It pays to be at the top of your game.

One player undoubtedly at the top of his game is Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. The team heads to Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday, February 11, where they’ll play against the San Francisco 49ers. As Pioneer Woman reports, both the winning and losing teams will get a hefty payout at the end of the night, only adding to each player’s impressive net worths.

But leading up to one of the most important sporting events of the year, it’s worth taking a good look at how Patrick Mahomes has utilized the money he’s made over his impressive football career. Since first getting drafted in the first round back in 2017 out of Texas Tech, Mahomes has had a profitable time with the Kansas City chiefs; in 2020, he signed the biggest deal in NFL history. Just wait until you see the figures.

Here’s what we know about the Kansas City QB’s net worth.

What’s Patrick Mahomes’s net worth?

Mahomes started his NFL career in 2017.

Mahomes sat on the bench as the backup to Alex Smith for all but one game during his rookie year in 2017; he took over the starting role in 2018 and became an instant star. Since taking over for the Chiefs, Mahomes has been named to the Pro Bowl six times, won NFL Offensive Player of the Year, and NFL Most Valuable Player twice. He’s notably one of four Black quarterbacks to win the latter award.

In 2020, Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs went to the Super Bowl.

There, they defeated the San Francisco 49ers (2024 will be a rematch) and Mahomes was awarded the Super Bowl MVP award. It was the first of now four Super Bowls the team has gone to with Mahomes as quarterback.

Both teams at the Super Bowl have major payouts when they attend the game. In 2019, when the Chiefs won, Sports Illustrated reported the winners gained a $118,000 bonus. In 2020, the Chiefs lost, but still went home with a $65,000 consolation.

Mahomes signed a lucrative extension deal in 2020.

The Kansas City quarterback agreed to a ten-year extension deal with the team worth an overall total of $503 million. To date, it’s one of the largest deals in American sports history, as ESPN reports.

And in Forbes‘ 2023 list of highest-paid athletes, Mahomes is 24th, with a total earnings so far of $59.3 million from both his on and off-the-field earnings.

Patrick Mahomes’s net worth is estimated around $70 million.

With his career earnings, along with various investments he’s made in F1 and the Major League Baseball team Kansas City Royals, Mahomes has some serious change. According to Investopedia, Mahomes has a strong portfolio in addition to his high-paying sports gig.

If the Kansas City Chiefs win the 2024 Super Bowl, that’ll only add to the star quarterback’s wallet.

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