John Stamos Posted a Nude Shower Photo on Instagram for His 60th Birthday

John Stamos Posted a Nude Shower Photo on Instagram for His 60th Birthday

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The Full House actor, who celebrated the milestone birthday on August 19, posted a waist-up nude photo on Instagram, taken by his wife, Caitlyn McHugh Stamos, in an outdoor shower. “The other side of 60,” John wrote in the caption, along with a Greek flag emoji. The couple vacationed in Greece for the actor’s birthday, according to Page Six.

John is well-known for taking risks on social media, including posting goofy videos with friend and former Full House cast-mate Lori Loughlin. So it should come as no surprise that he posed for and posted this shower shot, despite the seemingly surprised expression on his face.

“Greeks are like wine, they get better with age! 🇬🇷” one fan wrote. Another fan asked for “the full 360,” and one wanted to know: “Whatcha doin with your hand???? Asking for a friend 😜”

“Can you believe this man is 60?!” Caitlyn wrote in a : a selfie of her and John by the water, with the sun setting behind them. “The only way he shows his age is in his wisdom and his extensive list of life accomplishments.”

She went on to shout out her husband’s soon-to-be-released memoir, If You Would Have Told Me, billed as “a portrait of a boy who went from believing in Disney magic to a man who learns that we have to create our own magical moments in life.”

“I’m excited that he’s sharing his whole story, mind, heart, soul with you in his memoir to be released in October,” Caitlin wrote. “If You Would Have Told Me is available for pre-sale ☺️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE!”

As for how the 60-year-old stays looking so good? Talking to the LA Times in 2016 about his show Grandfathered, John described how his workouts have evolved over time.

“In the 1980s and ‘90s, I spent a lot of time in the gym working out for a bigger body or big arms,” he said. “Now, the suits I wear on Grandfathered are so tailored and sleek that I have [turned to] Pilates and swimming. They give me that lean look and strengthen my core.

“I fit workouts around my schedule. I do Pilates about three days a week, using the Reformer and other machines, as well as doing floor work and a lot of stretching. I swim laps three days a week and do a lot of push-ups and pull-ups. For cardio I run up and down a hill.”

He also said he swears by getting a “good eight hours” of sleep every night.

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