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Jacqueline Fernandez nailing the Arabesque or a full stretch pilates is all the fitness motivation we need to burn winter fat

While the winter fat has already started showing up on our body, fitness buff Jacqueline Fernandez powered our resolve to hit the grind this mid-week with her intense workout session that sent the Internet into a meltdown. If there was any proof that fans needed to decode Jacky’s fitness mantra, her recent video from the gym sealed the deal.

Taking to her Instagram handle, Jacqueline shared a video that featured her working out with celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala. Donning a black sports bra teamed with similar coloured Yoga pants, the diva pulled back her tresses in a ponytail hairstyle to keep them off her face during the exercise session.

Climbing onto one of the Reformers that were lined along the wall, Jacqueline was seen nailing the Arabesque or a full stretch pilates with Yasmin aiding her. Reformers are workout machines which enhance core stability along with good postural alignment in those who use it for workouts.


Apart from developing muscle tone and building strength and flexibility, a Pilate Reformer has several other benefits including the potential to increase fat loss and leading to a more toned lean-looking physique. Arabesque, on the other hand, is a ballet posture where the body is bent forward from the hip on one leg while keeping one arm extended forward and placing the other arm and leg backward.

A pilate studio might appear like a war-zone to you but it works wonders for those in pursuit of a well-toned and strong body. Pilates exercises are absolutely fun to do and can even be done at home like the Hundred or criss-cross.

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