“It’s Difficult….Life is Crazy”: Nearly 3 Years after Dell and Sonya Curry’s Separation, Stephen Curry Got Real on Dealing with Travesty

“It’s Difficult….Life is Crazy”: Nearly 3 Years after Dell and Sonya Curry’s Separation, Stephen Curry Got Real on Dealing with Travesty

The spark of love that ignites our souls can at times take a toll on the hearts of once inseparable ones. The enigmatic nature of it can make a person feel fulfilled and empty in a matter of time. Stephen Curry had to go through a similar journey when he witnessed the divorce of his parents, Dell Curry and Sonya Curry.

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The couple distanced themselves from each other nearly three years back. Stephen opened up about dealing with the travesty and unpredictability of life after his parents’ separation.

How did Stephen Curry view it?


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Dell and Sonya represented the epitome of the ideal couple and great parenting after helping all their children prosper. Even in the NBA games they attended, they always displayed a close affection for one another. So, an ugly divorce between the pair and the speculations that came with it shook the world.

More than outsiders, the Golden State Warriors star himself might have been feeling it the most as the oldest child of the family. The parents who helped him achieve his dream of playing and winning in the NBA were no longer together. “It’s difficult,” he said, having to talk about it with The Charlotte Observer.


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At the same time, the 34-year-old empathized with them, stating, “What makes them happy now”. Highlighting their influence, he mentioned, “They’ve always been the anchors of our family”. He revealed how he wanted to become just as wonderful a parent for his kids as they were for him.

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The 4-time NBA champion pointed out, “Life is crazy,” reflecting on that period. Understanding that aspect of living gave Stephen the strength to carry on. His words, “You find ways to navigate it,” implied exactly that. This brings one attribute of him to the forefront.

The unmatchable mental fortitude


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Coming into the league, the Splash Brother was taken lightly for his size and game style. Little did the NBA know how he would take the league by storm because of those qualities.

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Even in times of self-doubt and criticism, the only thing that kept him going was his unshakable faith in himself. The values that his parents instilled shaped him from a young age and prepared him for the challenges of stardom.


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That’s why their separation might have cut him deeper than he publicly showed. A unique mystery who never lets his emotions overshadow his intelligence continues to showcase what he is made of. Especially in times of adversity.

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