Inqubeta Raises Over $2M in Presale as It Storms Into Stage Three of Presale

Inqubeta Raises Over $2M in Presale as It Storms Into Stage Three of Presale

The presale period of a token says a lot. One straightforward story it tells is how much it is accepted as a solution to the problem its project aims to tackle. The presale period for InQubeta (QUBE) is ongoing and has already passed the $2.1 million mark.

The InQubeta Advantage 

Currently, at the third presale stage, InQubeta has raised some curiosity about what it offers both investors and users. InQubeta is the world’s first AI crypto crowdfunding platform, so one can easily and securely invest in AI startups. AI startups can easily get funded via the InQubeta platform. A win-win!

AI technology is evolving and growing by leaps and bounds, making a lot of tasks and careers easier. While it is exciting, many other solutions are yet to be developed due to a lack of funds for potential AI startups. This is a real-world challenge that QUBE plans to tackle.

InQubeta, through its innovative fractional investment system, presents easy access to funding for AI startups. Each invested opportunity is minted into an NFT and fractionalized. This makes it easy for investors of different tiers to own a piece of the action that suits their budget and pockets.

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The InQubeta NFT marketplace

All the action takes place in the QUBE NFT marketplace. Here, the AI startups can raise funds and offer equity-based NFTs, and the QUBE token holders can invest in the projects they believe in. So, the QUBE tokens empower holders to decide what unique AI solutions are created and released.

An impressive caveat to the entrance of AI startups seeking funding is that they undergo a vetting process, but that is not all. Interested investors are presented with resources to help them with their research, and they are offered insights by experts and stakeholders.

The marketplace is an ecosystem benefiting both investors and founders. It supports a seamless and efficient investment process with a transparent, secure, and democratic investment option. It is fertile ground for growth and innovation where AI technology meets crypto, leveraging the power of blockchain and smart contracts.

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$QUBE Utility Token

The decision-making process is a core measure of the progress of any organization. In the InQubeta project, the $QUBE tokens are more than investment tolls. They also serve as a governance token, empowering holders to participate in decision-making processes about the project.

According to the InQubeta whitepaper, the tokens give holders the power to “propose, discuss, and vote on various aspects related to the platform’s development, operation, and future direction.”

The governance system allows token holders to propose ideas, participate in community conversations, vote on proposals, and implement approved proposals. The goal is to create a more community-driven and democratic platform.

This will power the coming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which the project plans to roll out soon.

However, with many other projects using the governance approach, there have to be more ways to assure crypto players about the stability of the $QUBE ecosystem. One such way is by building it on Ethereum.

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Build on Ethereum, Then Go Multichain

Ethereum is known for its robust smart contract capability. This allowed $QUBE to begin its journey on a transparent and democratic note. The NFT marketplace is built on ERC721 standards, offering flexibility, functionality, and interoperability. However, acknowledging that the new definition of interoperability is multichain, the goal is to expand and become multichain in Q1 of 2024.

By going multichain, $QUBE leverages the capabilities of different blockchains and creates a more diverse investment ecosystem.

Analytics Insight reveals that the QUBE presale is garnering popularity, and the reason is not farfetched. InQubeta is in stage 3 of presale and has surpassed the $2.1m raised. How much more capital $QUBE token can attract remains to be seen.

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