How To Increase The Number Of Winning Rounds In R6 Matches

How To Increase The Number Of Winning Rounds In R6 Matches

R6 is considered one of the competitors of the famous CS GO from Valve and allows the player to take part in matches and rounds for a special forces team or terrorists, where each side will have their own tasks and goals.

Special forces must break through a fortified building and destroy enemies, rescue hostages, or defuse a bomb.

Terrorists must protect their plans and prevent the police from destroying their squad and defusing the bomb, or removing the hostages.

The project has a high degree of destruction, which must be taken into account.

You will be able to blow up and break through the roof and walls and, conversely, strengthen them, but the resources for this will not be endless, so carefully consider your plans and directions of attack and defense.

You will play a series of rounds for one team and then switch to another halfway through the match, and you need to rack up as many wins as you can – the first team to get 8 wins in the match wins.

Regular victories in matches will increase your overall rating and help you determine your level of play, according to which the game system will select opponents and allies for you.

To increase your rank, or at least not lose it, you need to win matches, or gain good statistics of kills and assists in relation to deaths in order to keep your rating in place and not lose it.

If you are unable to advance beyond the starting rating, but at the same time you shoot well enough, then you simply do not come across good teammates and no matter how well you play, you still will not be able to advance further and close all positions in matches.

If you want to speed up this process, or give yourself a boost to progress, then you can turn to Skycoach services to get your rank up in R6 and try to play against difficult opponents with good allies.

To complete this development, you need to transfer your account to the Skycoach service under financial guarantees and maintaining all anonymity values and assurances that all data will be stored within the company and services are performed exclusively by service employees and are not transferred to third parties.

This is necessary so that the client does not participate in the process of developing a rank, but simply goes about his business and expects a notification that all tasks have been completed, and he can log into his account and change his password.


The attacking side in the match is the police special forces, which must enter the room and knock the terrorists out of it in any way – by foiling their plans, or by destroying all enemies.

You need to plan your attack so that the enemies do not know your main point of attack until the last moment, otherwise, they will simply reorganize to repel the assault and your chances of successful clearing will be minimal.

You need to spend a little time studying the situation – examine the perimeter and give the enemies the opportunity to show themselves. If terrorists want to play aggressively, that is, attack instead of full-fledged defense, then you can catch them in this and greatly simplify your assault, even if you kill just one enemy.

If the enemy does not appear in any way, then reconnaissance and luck are used.

You need to understand as quickly as possible how exactly the enemies have distributed their forces in order to find a weak spot and attack exactly there.

If you succeed, then the defenders will change lanes and make mistakes, running straight into the weapons of the attackers, which is what you need to use.

Remember that enemies can fortify, or even mine potential entry points to locations, and you need to start the attack slowly, otherwise, you can die in a hurry during the assault, or make a lot of noise and let the enemy know in advance where the attack is planned, which can lead to loss match points and loss, which will negatively affect your rank in Rainbow Six Siege.

You better plan your attack so that it can be carried out from two sides, then even the most skilled shooter will be squeezed under your onslaught and will be destroyed in most game situations.

You can break through the roof and walls at the same time, but to do this you need to approach these positions as stealthily as possible.


The defenders in R6 will be terrorists who have already captured their territory and must hold it in order to gain extra rounds, win the match and receive a rank boost in Rainbow Six Siege.

You need to distribute your forces so that you cover the main points that can be targeted by special forces in the round. For example, holding hostages, or a bomb that has already been installed and activated.

It is necessary for someone to conduct reconnaissance – try to determine where the enemies are going to attack, so that you have time to shift the defense forces, and do not do it spontaneously, risking death during the rotation.

Try to use the time at the beginning of the round to mine or fortify a few key points to complicate the enemy’s assault, or make his intentions immediately declassified through loud noise.

Defense is always in a more advantageous position, because you can choose points for defense and if these are different positions, then you will always have a chance to destroy many enemies even at the stage of entering the building, and if you destroy two or more enemies, then You will significantly increase the likelihood of winning the match, which will also bring you a rank boost in Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Siege.

From time to time you will be able to make combat sorties, that is, going outside the building to quickly destroy at least one enemy and immediately retreat, if possible, under the cover of allies.

You won’t be able to play aggressively all the time, because the enemies will simply change formation and kill you, and then your team will play in the minority and leave one of the defense points in greater danger.

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