How to Get Out of Bounds on Terminal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 With a Care Package?

How to Get Out of Bounds on Terminal in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 With a Care Package?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 is just about to drop. With that, the developers are introducing many new features into the game. While new features are being introduced to the game, one of the things that makes Modern Warfare 3 so fun is its throwback maps. The Terminal map is famous for being one of the most popular maps to get out of bounds on. But among all the known methods in the game, a new one has been taking players by storm.

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The Terminal map is a returning multiplayer Call of Duty map that is set at an airport terminal. Over the years, there have been many ways to get out of bonds to gain a high-ground advantage over enemies. While there are many methods to do so, some of them get patched quickly by the developers. The new method of getting out of bounds in Terminal will test the dexterity of the players to make it to the roof. However, this technique will require more than just dexterity, as players will also need to have a kill streak going.

How to use the care package to get out of bounds on Terminal?


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Among all the maps in Call of Duty, Terminal is one of the most exploited, with players finding many ways to go out of bounds. Recently, a clip on Twitter surfaced where the post shows how to use a care package to reach the roof.

To do so, players must achieve a kill streak of five kills to unlock the care package. Once unlocked, they need to deploy it next to a window from where the roof will be accessible. Players need to then make sure that the care package arrives without any obstructions on its way down.


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When the care package has been deployed, it is launched with a parachute, which is deactivated when it reaches closer to the ground. Players must then time their jump to climb on top of the package while it is almost touching the ground. Getting on at the right time will give players an elevated surface to jump through a window from where the roof is accessible.

Alternate method to get on the roof in Call of Duty at the Terminal

To ascend the Terminal map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, follow these steps. Begin by heading towards the metal detectors near Terminal B. Locate a beam and use a deployable cover on or around it. Jump onto the cover and then onto the beam.


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The next step involves climbing onto the plant situated on the beam. For this, players need to repeatedly press the mantle button until they successfully reach the top. Once achieved, players need to carefully navigate around the corner to gain the initial vantage point on the map.

To further elevate the position, players can walk cautiously along the ledge, identifying a point to jump onto another ledge. Once on this new ledge, crawl towards the window to exit the building and emerge on the roof. The roof’s edge will grant a concealed position with a comprehensive view of other players on the map.


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Using these methods, players can get onto the roof of the terminal map. Have you ever tried to get here and exploit this position? Let us know in the comments below.

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