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Cardano is among the discussed digital currencies that never cease to depart investors’ lips. Charles Hoskinson planned to improve blockchain technology’s interoperability, scalability, and efficiency by inaugurating the project in 2015. Cardano functions as a result of the proof-of-stake Ouroboros validation mechanism. Cardano has had venture capitalists and individual investors put money into the project. 

Nevertheless, the crypto industry will witness a fully equipped platform with a mechanism that will support the development of the crypto ecosystem. Bitcoin Spark is a new platform attracting global individuals to join the bandwagon. The platform’s proof-process validation mechanism will solve problems embedded within the ledger ecosystem. This article will cover the functionality of Bitcoin Spark.

What is Cardano?

Charles Hoskinson developed Cardano in 2015 and subsequently launched it in 2017. The digital network uses a proof-of-stake ouroboros consensus mechanism. The native token for the digital currency ADA acts as a governance token in the ecosystem. Individuals can become decentralized autonomous organizations as a result of holding ADA. DAOs can vote in the ecosphere to advocate for changes in the network. 

How Bitcoin Spark PoP Operates

The blockchain ecosystem has had pertinent programs and networks come into the limelight and evolve to become appealing to crypto and non-crypto enthusiasts. The decentralized ecosystem has had immense runs overtaking other technologies in the financial sector. Innovations such as Bitcoin Spark have come to take over the crypto industry. 

The decentralized network has gained massive traction despite being in the fourth phase of its ongoing presale. Like other audited cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Spark has been completely and thoroughly checked. 

Contract Wolf and Vital Block have done an aggressive and comprehensive audit report on the digital network. Roadmaps are also pivotal to emerging virtual currency platforms; therefore, Bitcoin Spark’s roadmap is well-detailed and contains data showcasing progress in each presale phase.

Bitcoin Spark has its native currency, BTCS, utilized by community members as a gas token. BTCS’s total supply is pegged at 21 million—a coincidence as Bitcoin has a similar token supply. Validators are get awards with BTCS for participating in the development of the network. 

BTCS mining rewards

The token’s total supply is distributed to launch supply (4.55 million) and mining rewards (16.45 million). From the launch supply, 50,000 will be distributed to team tokens, 4 million to initial coin offering, and 500k to pre-network exchanges and liquidity pools.

Like other cryptocurrency programs, the project has a presale phase currently in phase four. Each BTCS goes for $2.25 with a 10% bonus. Those purchasing tokens within phase four will have a 489% profit during the 30th November launch period.   

Smart contracts are also essential in developing cryptocurrency projects. Therefore, Bitcoin Spark has a smart contract layer that utilizes high-level and low-level compatible languages. Ethereum is a crypto blockchain that primarily allows blockchain developers to utilize Solidity as a programming language. 

Nevertheless, the new entrant, Bitcoin Spark, enables programmers to utilize EVM-compatible languages, including Vyper, Solidity, or any other high-level languages. Through this mechanism, developers acquire the motivation to develop decentralized applications (dApps).

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